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  1. I know there's a ton of little jobs to do. Part of China's issues are the socialistic economy with the dictatorship government. It has never worked.


    And, reading a little of your other conversations, if you want to talk....I'm here as well.

  2. It's ok, really. I know I'm not a good writer. ;)


    And, that's the difference between Japan, and us Westerners. :p McDonalds actually pays enough to make a living off of over there.


    I've done the fast food....if you won't...don't. It's not worth it.


    Let the old fart here give you that advice. ;)

  3. Well, Japan's not TOO cruel.


    Their entire economy is based around minor exports and business, so the pressure is on hard and heavy for kids to get the top of their class. And, honestly, they have some pretty good rules in place. They get 3 or 4(I forget) of those 3 week vacations, but spread over the year. And the kids in school are not allowed to have a part-time job. This lets them concentrate on school....and makes sure they don't get some snot-nosed punk working at the local McDonalds.....no offense Burnseyy(or HOP if ya see this). It's kind of cool to go to McDonalds, and see a 25+ year old person, in a clean uniform, working behind the counter because that's their job...not just something their scraping by with to earn a little extra money.


    And...have you read my story yet? :)

  4. Just throwing in my two bits here....


    We're all lucky in compared to Japanese kids. They have the highest teen suicide rate in the world from the pressure of classes, along with the length of school. "summer vacation" is 3 weeks for them.


    And, Hi thar!

  5. Honestly, I'm not sure where I'm going with my story, if anywhere.


    It just irked me when I sat down to play the Dark Side game. Everyone in the game talks about Revan like he was this...near god. Unstoppable on the battlefield, charismatic enough to turn 1/4th of the Jedi from the will of the council, a great tactician, logitician, and strategist. The ONLY reason he fell was because Malak fired on his ship when he was confronting Bastilla.


    And then you play it. Almost all your Dark Side options are for credits, or bullying people. He kills indiscriminately. Pretty much, even after taking up the mantle of Darth Revan again, if you go dark side in the Temple on the Unkown world, you're just a sociopathic bully.


    I know part of this comes from Bioware's "open" system, giving lines for conversation, but all the emotion behind them would be the player. But this even has it's issues. Sure, some of the lines are "[Lie] blah blah blah", but there's no "[joking tease] Excellent! Soon your secrets shall be mine!", or [Dead Serious] If you think of betraying me, I should kill you." Certain conversations are made more difficult because my personal emotion behind a set of words isn't how they intended it to be.


    But, I wanted more than that. I wanted a true Evil Leader, not just Bad Guy. Confusion, playing to personal desires/whims/whatnots. That's what this is, really. A simple rewrite giving my take on his Evil Leaderness.

  6. Hey HOP, just so you know, I've got chapter 2 of my story up now. :D *shameless self-plugs ahoy!*

  7. It does blow my mind, and I work on the things. :D


    It helps that we have redundant systems, multiple tracking units, and alot of equipment to help us.


    One thing to keep in mind...the stress the plane is under. It pulls anywhere from -2 to +9 G's. That plays havok on the systems.

  8. well, welcome home. :D

  9. It's more along the lines of making sure the thing flies correctly. There are so many systems involved...you'd be suprised how much work there is when the bird doesn't break.


    Most of the upgrades came from someone thinking, "hey, this system would be faster if we did this." Alot like how normal computers have evolved from building-huge mainframes of vacume tubes that register On/Off, as based off punch cards into what we have today.

  10. In a nutshell, I hate how the Dark Side Revan is a cookie-cutter spaghetti western villian, instead of this charismatic, coniving, evil evil (wo)man.


    I just rewrote the ending to show a little more than just "I'm evil, you gonna die", starting with the temple on the Unknown World. :)

  11. It's not a problem, Yuthura. :D Just to give you an idea, the F-16 started with the Block 10, and we're using the Block 52 now. There have been so many upgrades, new computers, improvements in the technology it's not even funny.


    The basic system theory is the same as it was 30 years ago, but the actual guts and brains that run that system have gone through too many upgrades to even try and count.

  12. Hey, Burnseyy, I've been working on my own short(ish) fic. I know, blatent self-advertisement....but I'd like your opinion on it. :D

  13. Pretty much, yup. :) I work on all the components that keep the bird flying...the brains of the machine.

  14. You're quite welcome on the feedback, Yuthura. ;) And, no, I'm not the F-15 pilot. I'm just a maintainer for the F-16's. :D

  15. Burnseyy, I have to say, I love your work, both in writing, and drawing.


    Keep it up. :D

  16. Hey Yuthura, I've started my own short(ish) fic. I just wanted to let you know in case it fades into back-page history before you get on. ;)


    Seriously, though, I'd like to see what you think of it.

  17. Hey there Rakata. I'm pretty new to the forums, but love your Urban Death story. It's one of the few I keep coming back to. :D Keep up the excellent work.

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