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  1. I noticed you referenced to my post about Savegame editor from a couple years back. My old mac had a broken disc drive so I was unable to play KotOR for quite some time and found the disc too scratched for an install on my new computer. After downloading the App Store version, CrossOver, and some mods (successfully), and KSE version 3.3.3 It reminded me of problems that I had with KotOR Savegame Editor that I have never been able to get around: For the KOTOR 1 section of KSE, the Add Feats and Add Powers sections do not seem to work. I can open them, but since their lists have icons included, my computer seems to be unable to see them. I thought I might be able to just transfer the saves over to my PC to edit the saves there, but the PC savegame editor isn't able to see the feats and powers sections as well. This works fine for KotOR II saves on my PC, but anything KotOR I won't work with the Feats and Powers editing. Does anyone know how to get around this? It's really bothering me since I would like to be able to edit those things for my characters.
  2. Also, in the Wii, PS2, and PSP versions, The Apprentice holds his saber normally, while in the XBOX 360 and PS3 versions he holds his saber backhand, almost as if he were missing the front part of a double bladed lightsaber
  3. When I place them in BetterZip, should just the .zip file appear, or should all of the files it contains appear? Edit: If anyone reads this that has a youtube account and knows how to do it, if you could maybe take a video of how to do this with BetterZip? I don't know why it's not working, maybe I'm just not good at that stuff. But I'd really appreciate it if someone makes a video and sends me the link. Edit2: This is what I do: Open BetterZip Open revan_items_by_chainz_ver1 Drag the .zip files that I want from that folder into BetterZip EDIT: I just deleted your mods and reinstalled them. Now when i drop the .zip files into BetterZip, it shows JUST the contents of the .zip file. Is this a good sign? And then I have confusion Do I Option 1) Select those items and choose "Extract" The Finder pops up to choose what folder I choose Macintosh HD From there I choose the folder titled "Knights Of The Old Republic" I choose the Override folder I click "Extract Here" I check to see that they are there and they are not. Option 2) Double click the .zip file When I double click it, it a small loading bar pops up, and when it is done loading, there is a folder right below the .zip holding all of its contents. Should the contents of this folder be extracted to Override instead?
  4. Do I have to start a new game in order for these mods to work? It doesn't sound like I need to. Edit: Also, when I extract the mods into my override foler, they are still .zip. Is this bad?
  5. I am using your revan robes and sabers mod, and I have done all that, but when I enter the code for them, it doesn't appear in my inventory.
  6. For the one that you say I should use I don't know why it's like this, but this is what it says: In the Sharing & Permissions section it has a chart of the users. The first one says The Username and (Me) in parenthesis next to it. It says I have the privilege to Read & write, but it is faded and above the chart it says "You can only read." sorry if that's confusing. EDIT: Sorry if I wasn't clear about that. What I meant to ask was: I have two override folders. There is one in my disk icon when I put the disk in my computer, but it is not modifiable because I would be writing on the disk. There is another override folder that I can get to from my finder, which I put the mods in, but nothing happened.
  7. I'm not sure if I'm in the right folder. Is this the Kotor Override folder in the disk icon or the one in my Macintosh HD?
  8. how did you get it working? when I do it, it says that I don't have write access? how do I fix that? by the way I am using betterzip to extract the mods, if that makes a difference.
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