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  1. Fixed! I figured out the issue for now, I'm leaving this post up here for anyone else who runs across the same problem of interface bugs and crashing when trying to launch a listen server of the mod via Steam. http://www.jactf.com/mods This site contains a load of fixes updates and mods for JA, make sure you scroll to the bottom and download jamp.zip. Once downloaded, back-up the original jamp.exe file in the game's directory and extract the new file and replace. If all goes well it should load up the game proper with no weird bugs or crashes (hopefully) when opening the game from steam with mods enabled.
  2. Greetings, It's been years since I played OJP. I am planning on setting up a large scale LAN game using OJP however, I've run into some issues that I can't seem to sort out since there is very little documentation online regarding the mod. The version of JKA I own is STEAM, I downloaded OJP via Desura which works fine but the main problem I've noticed is the interface is bugged when running through Steam. Certain text is missing which makes it difficult to setup the server, even worse when playing since you can't see all the skills you can buy when in the match. I've tried several methods to try to sort out the issue such as running MP then loading OJP mod which just makes the game crash when trying to load the LISTEN server. I have not seen anyone else with this issue before after searching online so I'm not sure what the problem is. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the info cant wait for 1.3 now, I've been play testing 1.2 since me and my buddies last LAN match and am more then willing to contribute my findings (including video files I had created), other then that this mod is top-notch.
  4. Guess this post was more of a bug-report than an actual question but if there were questions to be asked it would be that if there was any way I could edit the bots' stances or allow them to use multiple weapons etc (I tried editing botfiles but as I stated before they just like to use single sabers).
  5. Hey fellas, A very fine mod you've whipped up. I've been playing it for a couple days now switching between playing online and with bots. I had a few questions regarding bots since me and my buddies have been playing this mod at our LAN parties recently. I've noticed that bots don't bother using anything more than a single saber, they may have another saber in their off-hand or a staff but they never activate the second saber or only use one part of their staff blade. I've been told bots cycle through stances but they never seem to on my server. I've tried all sorts of ways to fix it, I always max out the skill points for my server and although bots buy the right equipment (guns stances etc) they never use the stances to full effect, I've cleared out my base folder and made sure everything was compatable (mostly using my own sound mods) I've seen a custom bot use the dual stance with a single saber and seen the alora bot use only a single blade stance O.o Also it would seem that on team matches blue team likes to ignore red team and on team FFA blue gets creamed by red consistently mainly because blue team likes to run around and catch a saber or blaster bolt to the face with out any fighting back. Occasionally the bots also use nothing but sabers on the server, even bots that have more tendencies to use guns (I do have the server set to use all weapons), although I was able to work around this by setting the weight of light sabers to 0 (worked like a charm but takes to long to edit all the .jkb files) anyway sorry for the long post I'am hoping someone will have some insight or help for me here, and if there is no ticket up for this yet I'll be glad to make one.
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