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  1. At game, if you preorder your FU copy, you will receive a code for bonus abilities / powers. Does anyone have any idea what these may be?? http://www.game.co.uk/forceunleashed/ Also, what is you ropinions on Starkiller upgrading to unlock force choke. Personally, I believe it would be sweet to be able to force choke as the ultimate evil sith lord, but on the other hand I also think it should stay unique to Vader...
  2. no you dont get it with the guide, i was just using that as an example of how the release dates are different. You get it if you preorder, via email....
  3. I was browsing the internet to try and find all the release dates, for example the prima guide is released on the 1st instead of the 19th on play.com, and i arrived on amazon. If you preorder form amazon, you get a free code to play as palpatine himself in-game! Just thought I should let you all know, as ther is no mention of this in alternate costumes lists online.
  4. dude, wen a date is released it doesnt mean as soon as the day arrives!! ROFL!! It cud be any tim e during the day, even nthe evening like 18.00
  5. I always come on this forum to see the latest news, but after seeing this i thought i had to join to let everyone know. The official release date is Aug 21: Here is where i found out: http://www.psu.com/[uPDATE]-Force-Unleashed-demo-hitting-PSN-in-August-News--a0004358-p0.php Not long now:lol:
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