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  1. BFA...I am so, so sorry. I haven't been on here in forever! :o I'm horrible with names, and I remember a BFA, but not which person here that name went with. So...hi. Sory about the absence.

  2. Pssst! Endo!


    Where you be at!?


    (It's BFA; had a name change)

  3. Hey Endo, :) haven't seen you in awhile. How you been?

  4. Long time no see! :) How have you been doing?

  5. Would you mind reading "As Yet Untitled?" Thanks! :)

  6. *psst* Gagnerai et Perdrai has a new installment! ;)

  7. Endorenna,


    Would you pleasepleaseplease read "Gagnerai et Perdrai?" I would be honored to get your feedback. :)

  8. Whoa...yea, you've been doing a heck of a lot more useful things than me. I'm just doing school/writing a little, nothin' like what you're doing.


    I know whatcha mean about the video game thing--my parents are still pretty wary about video games in general. My sisters will get me a game or two for my birthday/Christmas, but the rest are out of my own pocket. :lol:


    Good luck at the student convention! :)

  9. Ive got a student convention coming up. Its for schools (including homeschooling providers) all over the country doing the certain curriculum i do. I suppose i could describe as the Olympics in nature; students compete in something like over 150 different events from 8 categories like music, platform, academics, craft etc. Theyve got many of these conventions worldwide, and an international one held every year in the US.


    Ive got about 16 events which ive been practicing for quite a few months now. You practice more as the date draws nearer, so thats what ive been doing.


    Previously, i was busy with a robotics competition thing which is also a worldwide affair. The little team i was in made to the semifinals of the nz nationals, which is pretty good. The winners of the nationals will be competing in the worlds (which is, of course, in the US :p ) very soon.


    I havent played DAO.. yet ;). Itll prolly happen when i have a job. (pigs will fly when the 'rents buy me a video game :p)

  10. Aww, that stinks about the computer. :( Hope you can play them again soon.


    My computer got upgraded a couple months ago, so...yea, that's why I can finally play ME, haha. It's nice actually being able to play games on my comp now.


    Well, my birthday's coming up soon. Kinda excited about that. I'll finally be old enough to get a job. Very useful. :lol:


    I really need to finish ME2 soon, but I'm in the middle of leveling a character in WoW atm. :lol:


    The only thing I didn't like about ME was the culmination of the romance. Someone had told me that I could do the romance with Kaiden without having the sex scene in it, but...yea, that didn't exactly work out. Annoyed me greatly, especially since I was looking forward to doing the romance again. -_-


    Two question: What've you been up to lately, and, have you played Dragon Age: Origins?

  11. For me, ME was absofantastalutely awesome.


    I think i liked ME 1 better than 2 when i finished 2... but i can't remember. (i dont have a computer in the house good enough to play it anymore.. the one i played it on was one that i made for my sister, which she has since moved out with ;_; )


    Yknow, i had a feeling that you would like ME. Not sure how, but i did. lol

  12. Hahaha, I know how that goes. :p


    I finished Mass Effect and loved it. Amazing story, likeable characters, etc., etc. I'm in the middle of ME2 right now--so far, I don't like it as much as ME1, but it's okay.


    What do you think of Mass Effect?

  13. I couldnt help but notice that you're playing Mass Effect atm. What do you think of it so far?


    *looks at visitor messages about Henty book*


    flip, i totally forgot about that! :eek:

  14. Well, I've been working on this story for a long time, and I pretty much have the next...(counts)...three or four books planned. :lol: I do agree that Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are both great. :)

  15. make middle earth, the uknown regions, and Aragorn is Revan's cousin! He goes and visits him. LOTR and SW are two of the best Sagas ever!

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