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  1. BFA...I am so, so sorry. I haven't been on here in forever! :o I'm horrible with names, and I remember a BFA, but not which person here that name went with. So...hi. Sory about the absence.

  2. Whoa...yea, you've been doing a heck of a lot more useful things than me. I'm just doing school/writing a little, nothin' like what you're doing.


    I know whatcha mean about the video game thing--my parents are still pretty wary about video games in general. My sisters will get me a game or two for my birthday/Christmas, but the rest are out of my own pocket. :lol:


    Good luck at the student convention! :)

  3. Aww, that stinks about the computer. :( Hope you can play them again soon.


    My computer got upgraded a couple months ago, so...yea, that's why I can finally play ME, haha. It's nice actually being able to play games on my comp now.


    Well, my birthday's coming up soon. Kinda excited about that. I'll finally be old enough to get a job. Very useful. :lol:


    I really need to finish ME2 soon, but I'm in the middle of leveling a character in WoW atm. :lol:


    The only thing I didn't like about ME was the culmination of the romance. Someone had told me that I could do the romance with Kaiden without having the sex scene in it, but...yea, that didn't exactly work out. Annoyed me greatly, especially since I was looking forward to doing the romance again. -_-


    Two question: What've you been up to lately, and, have you played Dragon Age: Origins?

  4. Hahaha, I know how that goes. :p


    I finished Mass Effect and loved it. Amazing story, likeable characters, etc., etc. I'm in the middle of ME2 right now--so far, I don't like it as much as ME1, but it's okay.


    What do you think of Mass Effect?

  5. Well, I've been working on this story for a long time, and I pretty much have the next...(counts)...three or four books planned. :lol: I do agree that Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are both great. :)

  6. I don't know of any...but I haven't exactly kept up with BoS, so I'm not the greatest person to ask, hehe.

  7. Okey-dokey. Hope you like it! :)

  8. I haven't read Dark Rendezvous, Shatterpoint, or Jedi Trial yet, but I do have Jedi Trial on the shelf. I've heard Dark Rendezvous and Shatterpoint are good, though. (They have to be better than Children of the Jedi, just by virtue of the fact that they weren't written by Barbara Hambly. :lol:)


    But--yea. I've put together a pretty good collection of post-RotJ Star Wars books, but my Clone Wars era is pretty shabby. But eventually, I shall build it up! I shall! (I love used bookstores. :p)

  9. I'll get the USE for my PS3 eventually, if they don't release the Hoth level as a seperate DLC. (I hope they do, 'cuz I've already bought the other two DLC levels.)


    The last two books were Children of the Jedi and Darksaber. I'm still working up the courage to read the next one. >_<

  10. :lol:


    Well, the TFU DLC, definitely...and if Aion will ever get a trial out, I'll give it a look. Mainly, I'm waiting for them to announce the release date for TOR. :lol:


    I'm trudging through my books...very slowly. The last two were absolutely horrid. >_< I need to go back and reread the Thrawn trilogy, just to restore my faith in Star Wars. :lol: That really, really stinks about your library losing the third one. :(


    So far, I've collected several Clone Wars novels, but I haven't read any yet, hehe. Still gettin' through the NJO period.

  11. No, can't say I have. I finally broke down and started reading a bunch of the Star Wars novels, though. (Actually, I finally had an excuse 'cuz they were all on sale at the half-price bookstore. :lol:) I've gotten through several. Some were good. Some were mediocre. One was absolutely terrible. And I'm in the middle of a pretty good one now.


    So, anyway, now that I've finished talking--I take it the comics are pretty good?

  12. Yes, actually, I have. :) The other day I watched The Phantom of the Opera (2004 version). I usually hate musicals, but I liked this one fine.


    What've you been up to?

  13. Yep, my lack of sleep is due to the dog, hehe.


    Had the bird for a little more than eleven years.


    My sis is doing okay at college so far. She can't come home for any time but Christmas and summer, 'cuz it's twelve hours away, hehe. (I really don't want to wait that long to get my stuff beta'd. ;))


    In the bounty hunter series, I just finished the first one and started the second one. Their names escape me. :lol:

  14. Yea...it's one of those days...


    Oh, yea. And my other sister went off to college, so now I have no beta reader. Wonderful.


    Well, the one good thing from the past few days. The half-price bookstore was having a sale, so I bought a ton of Star Wars books. Finished the Han Solo trilogy and Shadows of the Empire, and I'm working on the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy.


    But...yea. If you ever get a dog, please, I implore you, for your sake and whoever watches your dog's sake, teach it not to chew things up! (I mean, a little puppy I can understand, but this dog's a little over 1 year now... -_-)




    Sorry for venting. :o

  15. Yea, I've been playin' WoW. Right now, I'm downloading the Aion beta client (it's taking for-ever -_-).


    (sigh) The only new this is that I'm dogsitting for the neighbors. I'm not sure if I told you about the demon-dog...ahem, I mean the sweet little puppy... she's a half-chihuahua, half-Jack Russel Terrier. Which = mounds of energy. I've been watching her since the beginning of this month, and I have a few more days left. >_< She's worn me to a frazzle, and I can barely get my work done because I can barely get any sleep! -_-


    Today has just been lousy. I got up from another sleepless night and found out that my bird had died. (Not the dog's fault, fortunately) Then, after we finished burying him and cleaning out the cage, I looked over and saw that the dog was chewing up my favorite stuffed animal--she'd ripped it's eye out. -_- We managed to fix it, but when we were done with that, we discovered that she'd chewed up the colored pencils I bought for my biology course!

  16. Yea, I did some RPing in the DTC awhile back. Usually I'd jump at a chance to RP...but I don't know enough about Star Trek EU to do much good, hehe. :o

  17. Well, between school, baby-sitting the neighbor's dog, and the internet going out again (stupid router -_-), I haven't gotten to read your story much yet. I'm a few chapters into it, but I think I'll stop there for a bit, 'cuz I've never read the Legacy of the Force series. :o Tomorrow or the day after my mom and I are goin' to a bookstore, and I was planning to get that series anyway...so I'm gonna wait until I finish reading them. (Don't worry, I'm a fast reader. :))

  18. Yea, I'm lookin' forward to TOR...though I think I'll pass on the half-breed. :p

  19. :lol: I'm sick, so I'm keeping odd hours. ;)


    Sorry I didn't review it yesterday morning--stupid internet stopped working. >_< I'm off to read it now!

  20. Yea, sure. :) I'll do it in the morning though...it's four AM here, so I'm barely coherant. :lol:

  21. I just went back to the SWTOR forums to see how things were goin'.


    You know what?


    There are just as many arrogant jerks there as there were when the game was first announced. :lol:

  22. Actually, I've never heard of Rush, but I'll look at it anyway. :lol:

  23. Haha, thanks. The uncropped version makes a good desktop wallpaper, too. ^_^

  24. Haha, chapter seven is the new one. I think it came out while you were gone.


    But yea, I've been good. :) Got pretty sick once, lasted a few weeks, and that was annoying, but otherwise I've been good. Just started school back.

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