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  1. I dunno, I thought it was pretty funny when the female Exile found the clothes...and Mira's 'how to catch a man' philosopy...and, of course, turning Bao-Dur to the Dark Side...
  2. The tech I was talking about was Taris. Of course, I guess it depends on your definition of destroying a planet. The Empire had the Sun Crusher? I thought that was only in the Legacy series. Sorry, I wasn't aware that it wasn't considered canon. My mistake.
  3. GTA:SWcity, I look forward to when you (or the authors) post those mods. They look interesting. Question to anyone who can answer: What's the Full Item Creation mod?
  4. I've never played a soldier just because te clothes look so stupid. Just got a mod that makes the girl's not look so stupid. I'll have to try it out now...
  5. Bao-dur...ugh. I met him on Telos, and a friend of mine watching me play it heard his voice and said, "Oh, I really, really like his voice! He looks like a cool character!" I smiled, agreed, and inwardly grimaced. She now says, "I wish he would speak up. That is such a horrible voice!" Also, once she saw that the only thing he could do was tap a stupid force field with his stupid arm, and she saw his DS tattoos, she said, "Um...what's with the dumb little ridges all over his face in the LS? Why not give him some tattoos?"... We both agreed on Hanharr and Zaalbar. DIE, FURBAGS!!!!!!!
  6. The 4,000 year old tech could destroy a planet. Remember Han in ANH? (sigh) In Star Wars EU, Darth Maul also didn't die when he fell down the three thousand foot deep reactor shaft, which probably had a very big, bad generator at the bottom of it... Boba Fett couldn't win a lightsaber fight against a padawan, much less against the Dark Lord of the Sith! If Vader couldn't chop off Fett's head, then he wouldn't have been a viable option for Sith. He simply wouldn't have been worthy of that title. Besides that, this is a WEIGHTLESS BLADE. Fett couldn't wield one of those. Only Force Sensitive people can, and Boba Fett was not Force Sensitive.
  7. Try Amazon.com. That's where I got my PC version.
  8. Awww, darn it...thanks for telling me! That would've been a bummer to get it and THEN find out it wasn't there!
  9. If I just lost it around the house, I'd look for it (though it'd probably take me a couple years to find it ) If the disk snapped, I'd get it as soon as I possibly could!!!!!
  10. Yes. However, you deal more damage with dual sabers.
  11. Yet ANOTHER resurrected thread! I agree with thundrfang1. I hate Kavar's guts! I liked Vash the moment I saw the trial hologram. She was only one who seemed sorry to see me go. I was sad when I found her body. PLEASE HURRY, TEAM GIZKA! I WANT HER CUT CONTENT!!!!! I know, I know...
  12. Another old thread! Handmaiden wins. No contest. I'm a girl, and I still HATE AND DESPISE blonde bland little Mr. Prince Charming wanna-be with the bad accent. He's waaaaaay too easy to pry stuff out of. And he's naive. INCREDIBLY naive. (Way to go, Atton. Shoulda insisted that he not come along just a little harder...) Handmaiden's pretty, and she's not automatically, "Oh, I love you! I'll do anything you say!" which really gets on my nerves. She has a great hairdo, too! I'm strongly tempted to get the handmaiden/fem Exile mod just so I won't have to put up with 'Meeeeeekul'. (Sorry, ever since I heard his name was Mical, I always think of the guy in K1 ) If I can just avoid the dialog options that lead to the romance, it'd be really really fun... Poor Disciple! He is losing this poll so bad!
  13. Wow, this is a really old thread! Ah, well, I think I'll post anyway. In K1, I prefer DS, for both Male and Female. I use a mod to turn Carth to the DS, just 'cuz I don't like him running away down the beach. The only problem is having to kill Mission. In K2, I haven't played DSM yet (or even finished LSM), but I had a lot of fun being a DS girl. I just happened to pick a head that looked good as a zombie. It was really funny. My friend was watching me play DSF, and she said something along the lines of, "Don't you do anything good in this game?!" I switched back to my LS guy and showed her the 'white rain' background on the character sheet, and she said, "Umm...couldn't you do something dark, for a change?" She hasn't complained about the Dark Side since. I prefer Dark. It's lots of fun to mass murder pixels!
  14. This was written by a moderator over at the Lucasarts forums. It doesn't appear that this new Star Wars MMORPG is being positioned as KotOR 3. We don't know for sure yet since the game isn't officially announced but it seems that this new MMORPG will be called Star Wars: The Old Republic or something along those lines. I wouldn't really mind if K3 was an MMO, but I'll be happy with it single-player.
  15. lol Battle Precognition never worked for me. Not once. Not even when I was a guy.
  16. On further thought, I think it was HK who kept me goin' till the end.
  17. All right, I'll give you that one. He'd probably think up something. I was joking about catching the grenade. Dive, dive! Actually, he'd probably throw it back.
  18. I second the request. Edit: Got it! Thanks Chainz!
  19. You got that right! Still, they could probably work out something.
  20. In Episode 3, when Anakin and Obi-wan were both about to attack him, what did he do? He ran. Fast. Why? He knew he couldn't handle two powerful Jedi at once. I'm still wondering how the heck he did it on Hypori. HK has killed several powerful Jedi. He could take Grievous. All he has to do is flamethrow him or throw a grenade at him. What would out dear cyborg do about a grenade? He'd catch it. (jk) On Utapau, he survived because of his big bad machine with the claws.
  21. I've been playing Jedi Outcast lately...still on the third level...but it hasn't really been that interesting. Seriously, if I ever get my hands around Kyle's throat, I'll strangle him for throwing away his lightsaber AND his Force Powers!
  22. 1. Since I've never seen Revan in all-out battle with a lightsaber, I can't really say. Keep in mind that both Anakin and Revan have had to fight in massive battles against multiple lightsaber-wielding opponents and succeeded. It would probably be a stalemate. 2. Revan would wipe the general galactic floor with Anakin and Palpatine. The Death Star's a great asset, but it's slow, and all it really does is fire a big gun. The Star Forge, on the other hand, is producing thousands of ships at any given moment. The Death Star could probably be destroyed with the fighter squadrons alone, not to mention the flagships! Revan wins. 3. Anakin DS vs. Revan LS=Anakin wins. Anakin LS vs. Revan DS=Revan wins. Anakin DS vs. Revan DS=Both are dead. Anakin LS vs. Revan LS=Battle that never ends 'cuz neither one can use any offensive Force Powers! 4. Anakin loved Padme so deeply that he betrayed the Jedi, the Republic, Obi-wan, everything he ever believed in. Revan and Bastilla's relationship never seemed to be quite that serious to me. Anakin wins hands down. 5. Both dead.
  23. It's just preference. Me? I want to know what's so great about the JK series. Umm...could anybody answer that while answering his question????
  24. Plasma Grenade=Goodbye, General HK could probably get it close enough to the gut sack in Grievous' chest that it would be over very, very fast.
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