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  1. I usually add an extra vowel or consonant to the last name, just to make is more Starwarsy.
  2. Nah...I hate Dustil. He's just annoying. I much prefer a random Jedi corpse.
  3. Andruril? Ooo, I oughtta learn how to skin weapons just to make this...unfortunately, I don't have the skills. Once this gets out, I want it, too!
  4. rictus 135, once you're done with this, is there any way you could take away the pink skin and make a DS transition mod with those tatoos/lipstick changes? I really like both of those tattoos!
  5. KotOR 1 LS Male: Tyron Ordan DS Male: Jeheth Etthun LS Female: Jana Tarelle/Osay Thalina DS Female: Mara Shien LS Male: Heron Talle DS Male: Dunno, haven't played it yet. I'll edit this once I get the name. LS Female: Halya Makashi/Hallin Daar DS Female: Naresh Divinia Okay, okay, so Makashi and Shien are lightsaber forms...
  6. HK and Mission together are unbeatable!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to bring up this old thread...I couldn't resist.
  7. That isn't a very good picture of Starkiller . Here's a link to the official Force Unleashed site. http://www.lucasarts.com/games/theforceunleashed/index2.html The sections 'The Saga Continues' and 'Media Gallery' have several very good pics of him.
  8. Okay, couple quick requests. I heard that there's a mod where I can get Mira instead of Hanharr when I'm DS. Could someone send that to me, please? Also, is there a Sith Eyes mod for TSL? Thanks, guys! Edit: Whoops, forgot one other thing. I was wondering if I can use the KSE to change my face in KotOR 1 back to LS even when I'm DS. Thanks again!
  9. I still can't get the 'Sith Eyes' mod to work...oh, well...but anyway, I was wondering where I can get a mod that puts the hoods of the cloaks up in TSL, like it is in this picture: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=191124 (thanks for the pic, assassing3 )
  10. I think you could probably get some Sith armor using the KSE or cheat codes.
  11. There are tons of Bastilla clothing mods. I reccomend ChAiNz.2da's 'Bastilla's Revelation robes' mod. Link: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=139434
  12. Ummmm...I don't think so. But I just got the KSE, and all I really wanted was to get a couple of the saber crystals. Now I have them! Still, thanks for your advice. Closing to prevent further useless bumpage, please post feedback in the above mod release thread. -RH
  13. Thank you! Now my girl can be powerful AND cute! Edit: I seem to be having a little trouble installing it. I extracted the file with 7zip and dropped everything into my Kotor Override file. I used KSE to go completely DS to make sure it had worked, and, well, she turned into a zombie. Any idea what's wrong?
  14. Quick question: is there a mod for Kotor 1 that makes DS transitions just happen to the eyes--or even go away competely? Thanks!
  15. Okay, didn't think it would. Sorry for cluttering up your thread.
  16. I don't know much about computers in general, so this probably wouldn't work, but just a thought. Could you make a copy of whatever mod it is you want to put your textures into, put the unaltered copy into your Override folder, and then put the modified folder with the other Bastilla texture in it into the Override folder as well?
  17. I dunno, I just went and saw The Clone Wars, and Ashoka was my favorite character. Maybe, I'm just wierd or something...anyway, I really want this mod as well!
  18. Great! Thanks, e-varmint. Edit: I just remembered that I can't get my cheat codes to work no matter what I do. (Yes, I've put EnableCheat=1 under Game Options in the swkotor.ini file). Could you please drop the lightsaber in a box somewhere or make it accessible by a console? Thanks again.
  19. This is waaaaaay more information than you wanted, but this was the best thing I could find. Thank you SO much! http://www.trudang.com/pinkfive/costume.html
  20. I was just watching 'Return of Pink Five' in the fan films section of the Star Wars website, and I was wondering if I could get her as my PC in Kotor 2 (or even Kotor 1). Preferably she'd be the 'Return of Pink Five 2' Stacy, not the original 'helmet hair' Stacy. Thanks! PS: If she came with her pink lightsaber/dark Jedi outfit, it would be awesome! Link: http://www.starwars.com/video/view/0002
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