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  1. Okay, didn't think it would. Sorry for cluttering up your thread.
  2. I don't know much about computers in general, so this probably wouldn't work, but just a thought. Could you make a copy of whatever mod it is you want to put your textures into, put the unaltered copy into your Override folder, and then put the modified folder with the other Bastilla texture in it into the Override folder as well?
  3. I dunno, I just went and saw The Clone Wars, and Ashoka was my favorite character. Maybe, I'm just wierd or something...anyway, I really want this mod as well!
  4. Great! Thanks, e-varmint. Edit: I just remembered that I can't get my cheat codes to work no matter what I do. (Yes, I've put EnableCheat=1 under Game Options in the swkotor.ini file). Could you please drop the lightsaber in a box somewhere or make it accessible by a console? Thanks again.
  5. This is waaaaaay more information than you wanted, but this was the best thing I could find. Thank you SO much! http://www.trudang.com/pinkfive/costume.html
  6. I was just watching 'Return of Pink Five' in the fan films section of the Star Wars website, and I was wondering if I could get her as my PC in Kotor 2 (or even Kotor 1). Preferably she'd be the 'Return of Pink Five 2' Stacy, not the original 'helmet hair' Stacy. Thanks! PS: If she came with her pink lightsaber/dark Jedi outfit, it would be awesome! Link: http://www.starwars.com/video/view/0002
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