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  1. TBH, why cant the game have all those features. It already has a perfect model in SWG, listen to the current gaming community and add what everyone wants. Bang one very good game. Alright i know it just doesnt work like that, but bioware have used the star wars franchise well before, but can they make that big step up to mmo standards ? i hope so.
  2. You missunderstand me friend. I am a MMO veteran, its just unfortunate i did not catch onto SWG a lot sooner as i think the game is great. Yes, of course i need to put time into my character, and im willing to do so. Though you must understand for a game like SWG thats been going for so long starting out new trying to get to 90 can be a daunting task. I hope your comments about the community are correct, and so far from what ive seen the player base is a lot more mature than lets say wow. Id actually like to see more people coming back to SWG, and after playing it i would definitely recommend it to anyone. Finally, the new MMO must be intrigueing you even slightly.
  3. As a New player to SWG i myself welcome the KOTOR announcement. Galaxies has been running for over 5 years and has had its day so to speak. A new player like myself just finds the task of levelling to daunting and at times it can be overwhelming, though a new star wars mmo where we can all start out fresh and new sounds just great.
  4. Thank you for the input guys its much appreciated. i have decided to give it a whirl and will take up your advice on the realm choice. hope to see some of you ingame
  5. Hello. I have been playing mmo's for about a year now mainly wow. (i know but that cant be helped now) I am a massive star wars fan and would love to have a go at galaxies. My main fears would be firstly Do you need a really top spot computer to run the game? My current computer is just a dell bought one with onboard graphics card but it plays wow well, will i have to upgrade? Also ive heard the game is dieing and so on, that wouldnt really bother me as a new gamer the experience should be immense but could a decent realm be recommended where the population is still quite high and theres lots going on? Any info some experienced players could give me would be much appreciated. ohh and im an active roleplayer too. Thank you.
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