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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the advice everyone. I'll hold off on TOR until I can get a proper setup. Happy New Years!
  2. Hey, it's me asking about computer specs again I haven't gotten TOR yet, but plan to after I get my setup straightened out. My specs are: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.60 GHz 4GB RAM Windows 7 32-bit Integrated nVidia Graphics 250W psu If you need more information on my computer, here's the complete description I need something cheap, and 2 choices I've looked up are: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=14-121-473&SortField=0&SummaryType=1&Pagesize=10&PurchaseMark=&SelectedRating=5&VideoOnlyMark=False&VendorMark=&IsFeedbackTab=true&SelectedRating5=5&Keywords=%28keywords%29#scrollFullInfo or http://www.bestbuy.com/site/PNY+-+GeForce+210+1GB+DDR2+PCI+Express+2.0+Graphics+Card/9979447.p?id=1218205379527&skuId=9979447#tabbed-specifications I chose the Newegg one for the rebate, and the Bestbuy one because I have a $50 gift card for them. I did research graphics cards so it wasn't just money that decided for me. I'm pretty sure that these would play TOR with my current computer specs, but the big question that isn't really answered on their product descriptions is the power supply. Since both of them don't say, I assume it doesn't matter? That's where I need help. Please guide me as to which I should get, but remember, I only want to be able to play TOR smoothly, nothing else, I have a 360 for my other gaming needs.
  3. Alright Q thanks a lot I'll keep an eye out for sales for the power supply and the video card.
  4. Would this be a good one to get? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121423 I just checked inside my computer and checked my power supply, which is 250w. I also checked for 2 empty slots for the cards power cables and there's 2 empty ones, labeled P3 and P5, both the same size. So The only thing I'm worried about is the power supply. Would I have to upgrade my power supply or not?
  5. So I shouldn't go for the GT 430? Could you maybe give me the link to the GTS 450 and HD 5770, since when it comes to this stuff I'm really unsure about what I'm looking at. EDIT: Nevermind about giving me the links for examples, I just copied and pasted them in Newegg's search. I assume that both of them are better than the GT 430 because they're almost double the price, right? Could you perhaps give me your best recommendation as to which one I should get?
  6. On the side there's a sticker that says "Compaq Presario SR5510F". Here's the page for it on the Compaq site. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product?product=3740354&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&lang=en&cc=us Mine looks slightly different than the picture, as mine doesn't have a third 3.5mm port on the front, if that matters at all.
  7. Does the 64-bit memory interface have anything to do with only running with Win7 64-bit or anything? I have Win7 32-bit.
  8. Aww...they only have those Shinobee's in the UK and not the US. Yeah I'm also getting help from the General Tech section and hopefully everything works out. And yeah I'm just looking to play TOR really, since I play everything else on console.
  9. Yeah it's a Compaq Presario from September 2008, so definitely nothing special, even in 2008. Will that video card be compatible with that I have? I think I have DDR2 RAM if that matters at all for video cards. I'm waiting for a sale on RAM so I can upgrade mine from 2GB to 4GB, so would that upgrade along with upgrading my video card to the one you linked to guaranty that I will be able to play TOR smoothly? EDIT: If all of the above are a Yes, can I get a confirmation on whether to go out and place my order for it or any other suggestions? I'd like to save money on rebate if possible. 2nd EDIT: Do I need to look into getting a new power supply? Or is that only if I'm upgrading my video card to something above today's standards?
  10. Do you have any recommendations on what to get and where to get it? Or just which video card to upgrade my current computer with?
  11. Yeah I'm not looking to play Crysis or anything so I don't need the best of the best gaming PC, but hopefully a simple upgrade or maybe a good but cheap off-brand gaming computer like what you got.
  12. Okay, so I made a thread in the TOR section which was about my test results for my computer using "Can You Run It?". My computer failed the test. here are the results: My RAM failed by .1GB, but I plan on upgrading to 4GB from 2GB soon anyway. What I'm concerned about is the video card. Thanks to Hallucination, he gave This Link. If anybody could look at the screenshot and visit the link, please give me recommendations of what I should buy or look into. If you need any more info about my PC specs that aren't in the test just let me know.
  13. Yeah I'll make a thread in there(sorry mods). Thanks for your help though.
  14. Are all of these compatible with what I have? Would upgrading my video card with any of those found on the page you provided along with getting the 4GB RAM be good? Should a new video card be a Nvidia if my current one is?
  15. Using this site, http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/ , it told me that I couldn't run TOR on either my desktop or my laptop. I failed the site's test with my laptop because of its CPU, which I'm assuming only failed because it's a mobile CPU, but my Desktop, which is older, passed the CPU, but failed the RAM by .1GB(I plan on upgrading to 4GB soon) and the video card failed as well. Here's a screenshot of the results: What I don't understand is that for the video card is that I have more than the required video RAM, and have the required Pixel Shader and Vertex Shader, but I failed? Hopefully that's nothing to worry about and I can just upgrade my RAM to play TOR. Please, anybody who knows a decent amount about computer hardware, let me know what I need to do to run this game.
  16. Can you use a Jedi with dark side powers? If you can would there most likely be a penalty for using them as a Jedi like in KotOR? If you can't do these things, then I'm planning on being a mostly "Light Sith" like LordJedi said. You know, like a Sith redeeming himself or something, since in KotOR or TSL, I could hardly bring myself to be a darksider but always used the darkside powers.
  17. Both of these sum up what I was going to reply with originally. Vader most likely let himself be captured to find out the location of the Rebel's current base, or if the Dark Starkiller is canon in the lightside ending, then he's most likely cloaked and hiding on the Rogue Shadow somewhere.
  18. Mostly it is true that 2 > 1, but just look at Darth Maul. He was able to take on both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon relatively well. This is Palpatine, and while he and Yoda may have been equals, he would be much too overwhelming for Obi-Wan, even with Yoda there, and might even get in Yoda's way. Besides, if Obi-Wan stayed to help out Yoda, Anakin would never have been burnt to a crisp and have his legs and an arm cut off by Obi-Wan, and we wouldn't have Vader.
  19. That's actually a really cool idea. I don't know about using it in TFU3 as something during the campaign but as a challenge or even separate mode like a survival mode it would be great. I'm still wondering why they changed the Gorog design for the final game from the teaser trailer. The one for the final game definitely looks more menacing and scary-looking, but the teaser trailer version looks more like it's from Starwars, since I swear they used the same face for it as one of the gladiators that Asajj Ventress fights from the Clone Wars cartoon, or a very similar one. Edit: While the early Gorog and the character I was referring to had a some similarities, it was nothing worth posting, since the similarity was just the face shape, nothing more *sigh*. I still standby what I said though, the Gorog from the trailer looked more Starwars-y to me.
  20. I agree with everything you said here. Those little details were awesome in TFU1 and were missing from TFU2. I think for the combo name and enemy name things those should be things that can be toggled on/off in the options like how the minimap in TFU1 was able to be toggled. I do like in TFU2 when the HUD disappears when nothing on it is needed at the moment, kind of like it was in KotOR 2. I hope that they make the lightsaber color and effects separate for TFU3 though.
  21. I said this in another thread so I'm gonna copy and paste it since it has to do with this thread. (Stuff that didn't quite relate to this topic)... ...Don't get me wrong, I like both games a lot. For TFU3 to be successful, LA needs to go out with a bang. They need some answers that were unanswered in TFU2, and they need to fulfill the fans gameplay needs, such as making it longer. I honestly would have thought if in TFU2, that they gave a twist near or at the end of the game, such as Starkiller getting a vision, but not a vision of things from the first game, or like 5 minutes in the future like when he had a vision of him holding Juno during his fight with Vader. I'm thinking he should've had a vision of right after his "death" and what Vader and Palpatine did with him afterward, revealing whether or not he's a clone. Also, by lengthening the game for TFU3, I'm not sure how they would do that since it's so soon before ANH that there isn't that much time, and that it would be strange if Starkiller's going from planet to planet destroying random Imperial bases for no reason. They'd probably have to do what they did in TFU2 again, which was have a little amount of planets and locations, but have them spend a lot of time at each and split them up into sections, I'm not too sure about that part. As for the saber thing, We used 1 for TFU1, and 2 for TFU2, and for TFU3 that doesn't mean now we should get a double-bladed lightsaber. While they are cool, it doesn't fit this game and the character. I thinking you should be able to switch between 1 and 2, both being equal in there own ways, like single-blade for more strong attacks with fewer enemies and dual-blade for speed and a lot of enemies. And make each boss fight have 2 different QTE scenarios depending on whether or not you're using 1 or 2 sabers. So it's not like 2 sabers - 1 saber = single blade. They would be 2 different styles, one style with 2 blades and one with 1, making 3 so it fits the name. What do you guys think of this idea? Sorry for this reply being late and in a different thread, but yeah no hard feelings man.
  22. You can find plenty of past debates and arguments on this very subject here on the Force Unleashed forums. All of your points have been discussed before, except your #2. My short answer for that would be: Yeah, memory isn't stored in DNA, but this is the force we're talking about and this IS Starwars. So the idea here is that if Marek is indeed a clone, then his spirit from his original self must have transfered to his clone body or something, like in Dark Empire when the Emperor was resurrected and his force spirit took over his new young clone body. The only problem with that theory is that ALL of the clones of Marek had the memories of the original according to Vader, and they all failed except the Starkiller we control. I would like for there to be a good explanation that this is the original Starkiller or a VERY GOOD explanation saying that he's a clone. I just really hope that they explain themselves good for TFU3, if it does come out after all.
  23. I like The Force Unleashed a whole lot, but when they're done with that franchise, Lucasarts better go back to finish what they started with KotOR and Battlefront. I think it's safe to assume Jedi Knight's dead, but we seriously need KotOR 3 and BF3...ToR looks alright, but it's NOT KotOR 3 like they say it is, and Renegade and Elite Squadron are not even close to BF3. ES was a slap in the face if you ask me, took the concepts of the Alpha BF3 and crapped on it to produce a glitchy, choppy mess on the PSP.
  24. Ah, did not know that. You sure did your research. The development process for the consoles and PC version were different. The consoles were made strictly by Lucasarts, but the PC was done by Aspyr, with LA overseeing its development, just as they did with the Wii version, they oversaw its development. That would generally make the versions that weren't LA's main focus the "side-projects" for lack of a better description. The following information may be irrelevant to some, but here's a case where it WOULD be the customer's fault. Alright, saw someone has a PC, and a 360/PS3. TFU2 comes out. They know the risk involved with getting the PC version that it may not be compatible with their specs, but it's a 100% guarantee that it will work on their 360/PS3. So when the day comes when they must decide which one to get, they get the PC version. They come home to realize that it doesn't work with their PC. In general, without listing the possible circumstances that may be missing from the description of this case, I'd say it's the customer's fault. My question to you all...why did this thread/argument get revived?
  25. 1) Yeah, the PC version did include the DLC...for hackers. It wasn't an advertised thing. The Endor DLC was marketed as a product for he 360 and PS3. 2) Yeah, I would expect the same thing, BUT it wasn't ported by LA. It was ported by Asypr. LA handed over the materials for them to port it, and after what Aspyr did with TFU1, most would be wary of what they would possibly do with TFU2. I mean, yeah we should expect it to be quality and have no problems, that's how it should be, but not in some cases. It's like you let someone borrow your car, then they crash it. Same person wants to borrow your car again, you're gonna be hesitant to let him borrow your car right? That's what Aspyr did with TFU1, they took it and basically crashed it, then it was their job to do TFU2, most people would be like "oh god they better not mess this one up like last time, I might have to hold off on buying it until I hear about the bugs in it." Most people aren't gonna be like, "Oh boy, they really messed up last time but I believe that they are going to do a fantastic job and not mess up at all." 3) You know what, it was my mistake here, and I apologize. I was pretty tired by the time I got to that part and got you confused with I believe was deesnyder who said that. I'm like Marty McFly when you call him a chicken when someone says, "I dare you" to me, so I was searching and then found that it wasn't you who said it.
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