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  1. OK I have heard conflicting reports on whether or not TFU is going to be online or not. The trailer has the XBOX LIVE logo on it so I assumed it would be but I recently just read a thread stating that the game is not multilayer so I'm a little confused... ALSO I'm aware of all the people hating on the demo but I think its great..... MY ONLY complaints are the whole arcade-y "SLAM CRUSH SUPER x3 BONUS!!!" bull**** type feel. Also whats up with the light saber..... Im pretty sure that its suppose to cut through enemys not injure them..... I mean i could put up with a boss or a large enemy having that sort of reaction but a storm trooper... really? Yes, yes I know that the game is focused on the "Force" (and it does so very well) but it would have been SOOOO easy just to make the enemys stronger but have them get there limbs cut off in one swoop, kinda like JO. Do you think that any of this will be fixed upon the final release....?
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