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    Mandalorian Commando
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    Too many to count, basically Star Wars
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    Having fun
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  1. OK no problem! I got all summer long :p

  2. Even though I might make it eventually, as of right now I'm having serious net problems. Sorry :(

  3. hey revan, do you mind making the sig i requested?


  4. Ulmont: I can't really see the sig come together in my head... it's like I'm in some sort of mental blockade C.Dimal: I can't make the model hold any sort of weapon - it's just a picture after all.
  5. Okay... Since I don't really play Halo, could you give me some character names? A quote? Background (if not, I'll come up with something)?
  6. Yeah, I was kinda sick today and skipped school so I had some free time. And you're welcome. EDIT: Played Splinter Cell Conviction and made a little sig.
  7. I'm not playing Admin/Mod or anything (though I have had some practice ) but I think there is a specific sub-forum for that kind of message and this is a siggy thread Astor? EDIT: Forgot to post my new Joker sig:
  8. RW: You is welcome Ulmont: Love the commando
  9. That's true - the little details are sometimes overlooked in a big project
  10. Well, if the game says "Nulla è Reale, Tutto è Lecito" I say QFT No - seriously - it might be some sort of old Italian, maybe even Latin.
  11. 1) "Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Rest in peace" 2) Nah, man, just beat a good game and had some free time
  12. New AC2 sig (beat the game in 20 hours...)
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