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  1. I don't know if what you're doing is okay with CN and Holty, seing how you basically controlled their characters. Have some patience.

  2. Ping

    Hey, Shana, are you still going through with the second Magical Strike Force S RP? Or did it die before you could get it out of the Casting Call? Just curious, that's all. :)

  3. Oh yes, I am very interested in it. I finally get a chance to use a character I didn't get to use. ;)

  4. First off, you're right, it isn't very realistic, so I guess a few more can't hurt. Secondly, while I will allow character development, I'd prefer it happens with main characters interacting with main charcters, not side charcters.

  5. No, let's just keep the crew rather small. You'll see why later.

  6. Thanks for the wishes!

  7. Ah, that's fine. Take your time.

  8. I'm asking this politely: could you please edit your post in the RP where you said my character was on a raft with some men. Simply state that you guys saw my character by the docks. I don't believe I ever said my character has a crew currently (hence the recruitment).


    And just an FYI, I might change my character's appearence a little.

  9. I'm waiting for Cyborg Ninja and SkywalkerRules to post. You also do not have to constantly notify me whenever you post in my RP.

  10. Okay, so, as I said before, all the characters are meeting in a tavern. My character sent out letters to well-known pirates, since he lost his other crew in a battle. Generally, what my guy wants (and it says this in the Casting Call, too) is to have help to find a powerful amulet. To do that, he needs to find nine gems and a map (problem is, the map is scattered into various pieces. Did I also mention that some rather nasty individuals have the gems, too?). The map will lead him and everyone to the amulet, located on a lost island in a temple. My guy is also trying to beat a rival to the amulet.


    Is that good enough for you?


    Edit: Also forgot, my character is going to recruit the guys be making them prove themselves. After I have all the neccessary characters in place, I plan to have them disembark.

  11. SkywalkerRules, do you still need elaboration on the RP? If yes, I'd be happy to help explain. :)

  12. Right now, we're ina tavern, and my guy is trying to recruit the other characters. If you need more explanation, I'll get back to you later. ;)

  13. Oh, you're most definitely joining the crew. :)

  14. Psst....I started up my Pirate rp. Feel free to post when you get the chance.

  15. Hey, SkywalkerRules, I just started the Pirate RP, so whenever you get the chance, you can make up your character, okay? Thanks. :)

  16. I will let your guy have a sister, but she can't really interfere with the plot too much. I might (and that's a big if) let her play a bigger role in the future, but it's just too early to say. I also don't want to look like I'm playing favorites with people. ;)

  17. I'm going to have to say no to that. What I was planning was for all the pirates in the Casting Call to get together and form a crew of their own.

  18. Don't worry, I can relate. For me, finals start after the weekend. ;)

  19. Hey, SkywalkerRules, not to sound impatient or rude or anything, but are you planning to post in in the Pirate casting call thread soon? If you're busy or forgot, that's fine, just wondering what's up. :)

  20. Gotcha. My only requirement, besdies following the rules, is that you follow the format for the character sheet I have on the Casting Call.

  21. Oh, I'm sure I can improvise. If things don't go as planned, then so be it. I just want to be sure that everyone is satified. :)

  22. You can, but the story would flow better if you were an actual pirate, IMHO, but if you're set on the cabin girl thing, I won't stop you. ;)

  23. Hey, SkywalkerRules!


    I'd like to know, wouuld you like to join my Pirate themed RP? I have the thread up in the Casting Call if you want to join.

  24. Hey, Master_Archon!


    I'm curious, do you want to join a Pirate/OCean Punk themed RP I'm trying to start? I already have the thread up in the Casting Call if you're interested.

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