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  1. Hey Alkonium!


    Just wondering, would you be interested in a Pirate/Ocean Punk RP I'm thinking of doing? I already have the thread up in the Casting Call if you want to join.

  2. Ping

    Just an FYI, I started the Casting Call for my RP here.

  3. Psst...I started the Casting Call thread for my RP here.

  4. Hi Chev! Would you be interested in a pirate/ocean punk themed RP? I'm thinking of starting one if enough people are interested. Thanks! :)

  5. Hey, Cyborg. I'm just wondering, would you be interested in doing a pirate/ocean punk themed RP? Thanks.

  6. Ping

    Hey, Shana!


    Firstly, not to sound impatient or anything, so I apologize if I do, but are we waiting on someone in Battle Suit Utopia? Nobody seems to have posted in a good two weeks....


    Secondly, I've been thinking of an RP that I might go ahead with if people are interested. I'm going to try to go for the ocean punk or pirate theme to it. Does that interest you at all?

  7. Sorry 'bout that. I have been keeping up, and I have read all the posts, but I wasn't exactly sure what I should make my character do or say at this point in time.

  8. Hey, Alkonium, me again.


    Just wondering, would it be okay if I find a way to make my character to appear in the Glimmer of Hope RP now? Or should I wait a bit? I kind of want to make my guy appear ASAP, though my gut's telling me to be patient and wait. ;)

  9. I think I will join. Is it okay if I just use one character? It would be a bit easier for me to know what I'm doing. I was a bit afraid at first of not knowing the backstory behind it, but the timeline sure helped. I'll make my profile a bit later, if that's okay with you.

  10. That sounds very cool, Mr. Cyborg Ninja. :xp:


    All joking aside, I am interested in it. I'll be sure to sign in on the Casting Call thread you will make.

  11. Ping

    Hey, me again! Just want to let you know that I'm back. Doesn't seem I missed too much, though.

  12. Ping

    Hey Shana, sorry to bug you again, but I'll be gone for the next four or five days starting tomorrow, so I won't be able to post in the Rp in that time period. See ya for now!

  13. Ping

    Eh, no problem. I was just a bit curious when I noticed nobody had posted in a few days, that's all. ;)

  14. Ping

    Hey, Shana! Just wondering, who exactly are we waiting on for Battle Suit Utopia? It's been a few days since anyone's posted...

  15. 'Course I am. I was actually just about to ask you if you were still going to go through with it. ;)

  16. Ah, well, that sucks. Oh well, can't have everything I suppose.

  17. Hi, CQ.


    I'd like to ask something that's been bugging me for the past day or so.


    Is the Neue Deutschland RP thing dead? I realize it's right after Thanksgiving, but there hasn't been too many posts lately...

  18. I noticed it's your b-day today.


    So...happy birthday! Hope you have a good one!

  19. Already done that. Maybe getting prepared to get on the Plague ship?

  20. I would post in the Forsaken Ones, but I'm not exactly sure what to post. Any suggestions?

  21. It's alright. No one is perfect after all ;). If you need any help, feel free to ring me up.

  22. Hey, SkywalkerRules.


    I'm just wondering, are you still a bit lost in the Magical Strike Force S Rp? You haven't posted much lately in the Rp. Or did you get tired of it?

  23. Thanks for the feedback. And I kind of expected some criticism (no plan is perfect after all ;)). I also like how your character constantly hits on the Captains. It adds some comedy to the Rp. :)

  24. Hi Cyborg Ninja,


    I can't help but ask, what do you think of my character in Magical Strike Force S? I realize he seems to be a polar opposite from your character, but something tells me that they could end up being good friends. ;)

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