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  1. Because people are...people. Best way to describe them, right there. This weekend is my birthday weekend, I lied by a month on my profile. So I'm going to try and co-ordinate my friends and family today, to see what days and times would be best for everyone this weekend. Then plan to see that showing of the force awakens.
  2. Thats the truly frightening thing about that new system. The government won't be enforcing patriotism, and values they like. It'll be the average citizen, if only to get a higher score. If it works in china, who's to say it can't work elseware?
  3. sorry for the double post, but I have to share this. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  4. Beastie boys are good every once in a while. Just not for regular listening pleasure.
  5. The footage looks fake. The graphics look awesome, but the way the mouse moves around, no fps player I've watched moves their mouse or controller like that.
  6. Is this the place you didn't want to leave? Or a new place?
  7. huh, didn't even notice the tortia until you guys said something.
  8. yea, that's what always proves troublesome for me. i always get 3 weeks into the habbit making, and I get to a point where I really don't want to do any more.
  9. I admit it, I'm jealous. I wish I could find the determination to start exercising regularly like that. But I gave up on fitness so very long ago.
  10. That explains that. Android phones don't have the ability to limit access to specific items. I with they did, belive you me. There are so many apps I'd like to mess around with, but w/out the limiting ability, they want access to too much info. and is creed still around? I remember listening to them back in high school in the early 2000's.
  11. do both of you have Iphones? I'm using an android offshoot by the name of cynogen.
  12. That's the worst. He and I go way back, but everyone says that because he likes to blown things up...*sigh*, some people. I could have gone a bit darker with that joke, but I think I ended it at the right point.
  13. Thanks for the app recommendation. The permissions it asks for include access to the microphone. Do you have to record anything for it? And I have to agree about Mr. Lucas. likely as not, someone in Disney thought it would be a good idea to make sure he said he liked it. Just to get more folks to spend their hard earned money to see the movie.
  14. I don't discuss politics with friends or family either. I have some views they'd disagree with, and I don't want to put that strain on our relationship. In lighter news, what app are you working with zoom? Edit: did not see the next page before my above post. Though I don't think I'll change it. I'm just glad lucas is off the creative team. He seemed to want to milk the franchise, rather then expand on what he'd made so far.
  15. whelp, if anyone has a facebook or twitter account, be carefull what you say: http://www.cnet.com/news/obama-wants-social-networks-to-join-fight-against-islamic-state/?ftag=CAD2e9d5b9&bhid=21971678802921119969100173227693
  16. lol, do that all the time. Though not with tubes. I just got to a point where I realized there was nothing I could do about past mistakes, and moved on. It made things much easier. And I've never seen the point of view of an admin. Can you really tell how long someone spent looking at an error message?
  17. with the forum cleanup, there are fewer places for them to post. So, they're concentrating more then invading.
  18. Well, now I feel a little bad. I was following the gog sale, and considering picking up divinity original sin. I help off because, 1 it was still 30 ish dollars, and 2 I thought it might go to a deeper price. Instead, its no longer on sale at all. Rats!
  19. Are we sure about that? One of them was an American Citizen, or so I hear. Though I do agree that this was no workplace shooting. From what I understand, they didn't work there. Kinda defeats that theory.
  20. yet more fuel to the anti-gun folks. *sigh* Edit: on better news, gog sale is in full swing! woo!
  21. Suffice it to say, the people that provided it to us were not the brightest bulbs in the socket. That said, the software did work flawlessly. Don't recall ever having a problem with the software that was specifically caused by the software. Typically windows messed up somewhere, once windows was fixed, then the software was functioning again almost instantly.
  22. oh yea, see I tried to run a few business related programs through wine in the past. One java program compiled as an exe (I didn't write it, so don't ask), and a retail management program my company uses. I was never able to get anything to run through wine. Besides, sometimes you want to play something new and improved. Like farcy 4 for instance!
  23. wine doesn't work that well. Its damned hard to figure out how to run anything in wine. Trust me, i've tried more then a few times. dual booting isn't a bad choice, but then you waste space on a second operating system. And you have to choose how much each gets. And, finally, you can't just fire up a game from windows, you have to reboot and login. The hassle makes it not worth it (to me). Why run 2 operating systems, when I can just run the one and do everything I want to do, and support my hobby? And gaming is one of the few vices I have left, so I try to support it whenever possible. That said, I haven't had a girlfriend in 10ish years, and still live with my parents. So take that how you like.
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