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  1. We should make a new poll, "Who was the best Jedi recruit?"
  2. I choose carth and mission. Carth would be an awsome gardian and mission would make a great counselar or sentinal.
  3. Off topic: You have to take clues from Kreia. Did he really fall, or did he do what he knew he must in order to save the republic? I think that the republic needed a good kick in the pants, and thats what Revan gave it. Just because He was turned on, doesn't mean much. For one, he was about to take care of the strike team before he was bombed by the guy who was supposed to be watching his back. I think that Revan was going to make the Republic prove its worth, then back off...before his student turned a few laser canons on him. On topic: Malak is a cowerdly fruitcake, who knew he couldn't take care of revan up close and personal. So he used the fact that Revan was distracted to try and seize the throne for himself. And he can't even defeat Revan when he doesn't have his memory! Truly sad.
  4. I enjoy a good space battle more so then the ground battles. Its just good old fashoned fun to kill the oposing ships. not too mention that the mon calmari ships rock!!!
  5. meh, that seems like a Galaxies idea more then a KOTOR thing.
  6. I must say that reven never seemed like the super bad guy. he just seemed like he was doing what he had to.
  7. Definitally different planets. Returning characters from 1 & 2. More personal custimazation options (facial hair, eye color, ect.). I want to know what happened to Revan and the exile. You could determine their alignment during the game, and then go to wherever they are and kill them, join them, save them, whatever.
  8. thats what they did for K1 & 2. I have both of them for xbox.
  9. best endings in order: Freelancer's KOTOR's AC4's AC5's and...thats all I can think of at this time. My list is always changing based on what game i'm playing.
  10. we could always do something like, "The lost one". it explains where you were during the jedi civil war.
  11. I'll give it a try. I may not be able to sit through the first episode, but i'll try it.
  12. if I may...your idea is a fantastic one. But you'd have to be able to build your own charachter. During the game you would choose the alignment of both revan and the exile through conversations. then, depending on your choices, you could destroy reven with the exiles help, you could destroy the exile with revans help. you could save both, or destroy both ect. but I like your idea, bringning back the original cast, and...posibly, merging with the newer cast. have bastilla and carth come back (maybe mission) and, with the handmaiden, mira or hanharr, and HK-47's help, do the story. This is a great idea. I love it, and it could be made to work. you could even re-visit the previous planets, in an attempt to find revan and the exile.
  13. dude, we should have a rainbow blade (gotta love the stupidity).
  14. that explains it! a ring that you wear on your finger, and can project a light saber blade when you need it. now that would be cool. Each ring can have a limited number of uses (like a personal sheild *gasp*).
  15. Honestly, I wouldn't pay a monthly fee for a KOTOR MMO. But if I were too, this is what I think would be good. have jedi and soilders as equals in combat. That said, you should have a very small amount of force points for force moves (this encompasses Jedi and Sith). Also, don't make Jedi as a starter class. if you want it, you should have to work for it. This'll help to turn the crapy players, who just want to go and kill everyone, away. I also think that there should be a limited number of classes. Smuggler/trader (one in the same, you should be able to level up skills that would make you proficient in either one or both) Soldier Scout/Scoundrel (one should be able to train skills to make him/her good in one or the other) Manufacturer In each of these classes you should be able to level up skills. Personally I would make the amount of force sensitive a random number of those who sign up (say 10%). I know alot of you will disagree with me about this last part, but these are my opinions nothing more.
  16. or perhaps it leaves room for more games to close those gaps? I'm hoping that KIII (if/when its released) will explain the gaps, and holes in the story line.
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