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  1. I'm trying to catch up with http://lucasforums.com/member.php?u=158588 We joined around the same time, and she keeps beating my daily posting ratio. :)

  2. :lol:

    I have a lot to say. :D

  3. you joined after me though.

  4. :)

    Look whose talking. You are catching up with me.

  5. Wow you post alot.

  6. I will be posting a blog soon, so keep your eyes open. :)

  7. Yar-El is back!


    :hugs: for Yar-El!

  8. Since you are looking into Keynesian economics (if you find it too heavy, I can give you the basics on skype), you might also want to look into the Austrian school of economics (it's a view on the economy, not an actual school) to provide arguments against Keynes thoughts (Hayek's thoughts are good for this, and should be easy to find).

    Gotta have both sides you know.

  9. :lol:


    Do you have any ideas about how to boost moral in our social group?

  10. *Chev runs back toward Yar-El*


    There is a Big Bang! and it made everything go "Boomith"

  11. *Throws Chev into a time machine, and sets it to the beginning of time.*


    Let me know if it was a big bang?



  12. I haven't seen Underworld yet, But I do like the picture






    *Poke Poke*

  13. Its Selene from Underworld. :) Close up picture. Or, do you like the not so closeup style?

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