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    I'm a Christian, Star Wars fan, Trekkie, Ringer, and Pirates of the Caribbean lover.
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    Home for Christmas!
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    Drawing (even though I can't do it,) writing bad fiction, playing the harp and banjo, anything having to do with number puzzles (CALCULUS!!!), sewing, and of course, Star Wars, LotR, and PotC
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    Full-time college student!
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    Star Wars Galaxies
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    The Force Unleashed
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  1. Hey hey hey, I just thought I'd visit Lucasforums again, and I realized I haven't heard from you in over a year. How you doin'? Hopefully you'll get this message sooner rather than later; I would love to hear from you. My email address is the same as the one I gave you, I think.


    Take care!

  2. Thanks! lol, I feel shtoopid...

  3. I selected her skin (avoiding her eyes), and used the Variations menu.

  4. They look good! A few posts talked about lekku on Kalla, though, and I didn't see any till a few renditions later. btw, how did you tint her skin green? I've looked and looked and looked for that control, but I can't seem to find it. :raise:

  5. And what do you think of the more recent photoshop versions?

  6. They look a lot more like hybrids now :) I had way too much Twi'lek in them before, lol.

  7. Yay!!! Your back!!!!!

  8. Hey! Sorry, the last month has been so hectic what with getting ready for college and all, then my computer blowing up for the last time, then FINALLY getting a MAC :thmbup1: No more computer problems!!!


    .......Wait a second, did the last chapter not go through? AHH! :eek: Here it is!

  9. Ah, a fellow retro gamer. How goes it?


    BTW you might check out the electronics section of think geek right now. I'm sure you'll like what you see. ;0

  10. What do you think of my modifications to your HeroMachine Art?

  11. Oh, my! Chapter! I'll have it back to you as quick as I can! I am SO sorry! (Have you noticed I say that a lot? :/)

  12. Hellooooooooo anybody in there?

    Are you still around?

  13. I never was comfortable with the RP. After offering to make the pictures for you, I kind of felt obligated to go ahead and make them even though I didn't agree with the details in the bios. I joined the group so I could put the pictures up; after I found out more about the RP, I decided it wasn't a good idea for me to stay.


    I sent you the pictures. Hopefully they show up ok. I'll take a look at the ones in my album.

  14. I tried downloading them directly from your album, and the files were corrupt or something.

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