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  1. I have played through all levels and have never had the bonus JEDI HERO or any other bonus except ELITE TRAINING or SABOTAGE be available for selection even though I have won all the levels. Support does not seem to have a patch for this problem. I am going to now try the most difficult game level and will need these other bonus options. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Just hit the "E" key. There is nothing in the manual and no Droideka control entry in either Vehical or Infantry "Control" options in Battlefront 1.
  3. Thanks! ! really appreciate your response. Checked Vehical and Infantry controls in Battlefront 1 and found nothing for Droideka. So, I just began hitting every key on the keyboard and finally hit "E" and IT ROLLED!! The fact that you responded made my day. Thanks again. Andy
  4. :confused:I have read forums, contacted support and read YODA FAQs with no results. Perhaps some nice person ( ok, could be a bad person) could clue me.
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