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  1. Currently I am reading Flyte, book two in the Septimus Heap series, which is quite good.
  2. You really should read descriptions, he used the defenders wrist console, it says it right at the bottom of the description. Now I don't know what the Defender's wrist console is, so don't ask me, I want to find out though.
  3. Why not? They're fun and entertaining.
  4. You know he'll only be able to be in your party for a very short time right?
  5. I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to model and skin armors to be that of the Red vs Blue characters (H2 version) and make soundsets from a selection of quotes to be picked in KSE. So I guess the people I'd like are the main ones a.k.a Sarge Grif Simmons Donut Lopez Church Caboose Tucker Doc Tex (only wearable by females of course) Wyoming Washington. Pretty please with chocolate candy?
  6. Well it would have had proper grammar but lately i've been getting really angry, mainly at Microsoft for the RROD that just happened on my xbox, and my computer for being junk that won't allow kotor 2 anymore, and the fact that FF is going down, and at rockstar for not givin me my Lost and Damned on PS3 , so yea, I really don't care for grammar at the moment.
  7. First off, I hate Esurance (they seem to be the main advertisers for this event), Second, 1 hour? whats that gonna do? Third, WHAT IS 1 HOUR GOING TO DO TO HELP THE PLANET!? Fourth, if they do it to stores too, I'm going shopping! imagine it, people smashing carts on accident, people getting to the payline and realising they didn't get one thing they wanted. Oooh yea, stores better be tuning out for fun hour!
  8. Did you give him a high five in the face? Please say yes.
  9. 1. Bob Sinclair - Rock this party That's it, just a never ending cavalcade of awesome.
  10. Warrior heir. Wizard heir. Dragon heir. Awesomeness will ring throughout your house.
  11. Well, I was recently reading the dragon heir, 3rd and last book of the heir series, I really recommend buying the Warrior Heir (1st), the Wizard heir (2nd), and the Dragon heir (3rd)
  12. OOOOooOH, running to daddy for help!? Can't take the big guy yourself!?
  13. Yes, that's right, Chris Brown was arrested, sooo yea, read an article about it here: http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/hiphopmediatraining/67416/chris-browns-alleged-assault-charges-could-cost-him-endorsement-deals/
  14. This is just the strangest thing, but the day someone else comments my profile, i'm sick again.

  15. Puppets aren't allowed for the PC, so this is impossible (as of now maybe).
  16. Well I think this could be hard because Scars are hard to make on one side of a face.
  17. Lemme guess, the whole plot is DECEPTACONS, WE HAS TO STOP THEMZ OR TEH WORLD ARE DOOMED!!!!!!
  18. Isn't that why everyone has theirs on PC? Me, I got it for PC because I feel PC is suited to these kind of turn based games, 360/XBOX/PS3 are for shooters, Wii is for party games. It actually does make sense to me.
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