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  1. at the least it's 4th. lol. he was obviously talking about the total count.
  2. yet another place i haven't posted on in a long time... anways... i really like the new edit, his expression looks grave now, rather than sad, which is good. kudos to you hap.
  3. i would imagine so, as long as you used the same station account.
  4. take out the sharing/downloading of mp3's (technically legal) and you have the canadian version of said logic tree.
  5. /me remembers the select few n64 games that cost $100 (canadian)
  6. this right here shows that your level of maturity is no where near razor's. i mean, sure it would be easy for razor to curse and insult, yet he doesn't.
  7. actually they stated he is not a noghri. whipid comes to mind, though. i also noticed in JA, the icons, as well as the chest on one team color, use older (more interesting, imo) textures on the flesh.
  8. i hope i don't have to watch this movie ever again.
  9. naruto, third watch, ER, simpsons, family guy, futurama, csi, csi: miami...
  10. no, he lost me because i don't recall there being a "stormtrooper2" directory.
  11. it should be somewhere in the asteroids thread... or at least i think it was...
  12. i don't recall mentioning any other star wars games.
  13. i would have bought kotor if it wasn't knights of the old republic. i didn't get very much of a star warsy feel when i tried it. if only it had been set during the classic (and on) era...
  14. just add "health [amount of health here]" to the npc file.
  15. academy wasn't even announced when he started it. -_-
  16. it's been over a year, so i'd say no.
  17. don't forget, "jedi" was derived from "jidai geki," which is a japanese period drama. so there is that little connection between the two "cultures" (if you consider star wars culture?).
  18. someone would have to fix the bryar animation first.
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