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    Star Wars is my life...no I'm not kidding.
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    Video Games, Pen & Paper Roll Playing, Reading Endless Fantasy Novels, Lighting small buildings on fire, and adventuring in places I know I'll get lost in.
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    Varied / Writer
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    KOTOR / The Force Unleashed
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  1. I played the X-Box 360 version and I'll be honest - I'm addicted to watching the cut scenes over and over again. The dark side ending was particulaly amusing. So all in all I would give it a 91% - it's officially my second favorite game. My first favorite of course being KOTOR.
  2. Really starting to wish it was a cutscene - I've determined that lighting kills the ties easy enough - but now that I have it most of the way down I can't seem to push it further. The green is not showing up.
  3. So on the Imperial version of Raxus Prime you have to bring down that stupid Star Destroyer...I don't suppose there is a trick to it? Or something that'd help, because I either get nothing done because I'm trying not to die, or get kill by the tie fighters. So is there any tricks to getting the ship down - or is it more likely that I'm going to kill my X-Box in frustration? ...maybe I should start meditating or something...calm me down....
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