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  1. You buy them in the same place as the other styles. The thing is you need to get kills to "level-up" in order for them to appear. Hope the helps.
  2. Sarah Palin is too much for just one man. Lets go halvsies or maybe I can borrow her on weekends?
  3. This along with the lightning charge in the last topic is amazing. How about this, if you become a woman I will father your children.
  4. I will say that Fate is very quick to get off track and most of them have the battle plan of lightning til low DP then attack you on the ground.
  5. I meant by quick parry that it is a mechanic that is not vital to playing that game and if completely optional as far as that goes. Also, has anyone considered making some new videos of the moves or is it easier to just teach people in game?
  6. I don't know. The saber mechanics still baffle people as is, now they will also have to worry about movement speed to? I guess it could be optional like quick parry which almost no one uses because almost no one even knows what it does. Just a thought. *cough*change the ataru to have the same dfa format as Juyo just replacing the spin attack with the twirling one*cough*
  7. I like the armor idea, but I believe that a force using merc is silly to begin with so the saber idea I dont like so much due to my opposition to hybrids in general.
  8. I forgot about the patch removing the copyright block. Everything is gravy now.
  9. I uninstalled my copy of JKA then reinstalled it. Now for some reason it wont load Multiplayer unless it is safe mode MP. Any reason why this might happen. I understand this is not really the board for this, but this is really the only active JKA board left. Thanks.
  10. Me and an RP clan I got in with over at UnitedRoleplay.com have starting using your stance adjustments. Keep up the good work.
  11. As long as Ataru and Niman are made on par with the other styles, I am gravy.
  12. Any hope of something like this coming to pass? I will keep my fingers crossed.
  13. Maybe I am missing something but when a style's advantage is running attack and when you pull one off unparried it does not kill, however if you get hit while running you are killed it seems like the risk is not worth the reward.
  14. I could easily kick you $9 a month over paypal or something, but what are the slots about? Is the the number of players it can support?
  15. My topic about Ataru would like a word with you.
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