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  1. Yeah i am playing less and less now. Just milking the last few achievements here and there. I have to say though i am quite surprised about how many times i have played through after intitialy thinking it would be dull to go through again. I don't think DLC will save this game from trade in though... if anything it will encourage it. If the DLC is charged then its going straight back to the shop in exchange for another game. If its free then ill probably hang onto it for a while longer... depending on what is added. Sadly another level will only have limited apeal and what i am now REALLY looking forward to is a sequel or prequel or whatever... but something using the same game engine... only this time a FINISHED game
  2. Oh that would be great if there was. Perhaps due to the massive success of this game, and now that they have the engine it would be easy money for them!!! I'm not sure how frustrating it could get though to have to walk so slowly for the entire game, but perhaps the level design could compensate for it. It would also be great to see the already fun level of destruction turned up to 11 I want to walk down a corridoor and do a force repulse and have the actual sides of the corridoors buckle a bit under the force.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh i had the EXACT same problem on my final level. Its a VERY frustrating bug seeing as i worked SO hard at completing stuff on this game. Glad to hear i am not alone on this one!! Is it just the xbox version suffering from this or are PS3 users having it too.
  4. I really enjoy the first level of this game and think its a great shame that you don't get to play a few more missions as Vader. I guess its because this is not so much about his story.... however... after watching Episode III i am always left wishing that we could see him go on a rampage using his powers (and of course all the new digital technology ) Anyone rekon ther might release a game that bridges Vader's story between Episode III and IV? As a playable character i suppose he is not quite as fun as the Apprentice, but in terms of mythos.... Vader is a legend and it felt awesome to be him for that brief moment... walking cooly around the camp, flinging Wookies from bridges. Oh... and that reminds me.... of all the destruction stuff in the game, i found that wood and glass were by far the most satisfying things to throw people into. I do wish that there had been much more wood around!! I know its very out of place in a space station.
  5. Nah dude. I started a new game on Sith Master and got to Raxus Prime boss (end of second stage) and just couldn't beat him.... so i was asking if it was safe to go to the mission select screen and replay the first two levels a couple of times to level up my stats a bit so i am more powerful. Have to say... am really loving this game now. After thinking it had no replay value... its actually really fun trying to beat it on harder settings for the achievement and a second play through means you know which stuff to level first.
  6. Hiya I am playing through the game now on Sith Master and, as expected its nice and challenging. However... i am having trouble at Raxus Prime boss stage.... so i decided to go back to the first stage and play through again to level up a bit more first. Any ideas if going back through levels will wreck my getting the achievement. I am not changing difficulty level at all... just replaying a few levels. Thanks
  7. Yep Something like multiplayer or would be game changing and add lots of life to this game so could be worth it. I also can't believe we didn't even get challenge mode on next gen consoles when they have it on PSP!! Something simple like that WITH leaderboards can add loads of value to a game.
  8. I am really enjoying this game at the moment and i love going through again being more powerful. It was great news to hear that DLC is being released but a bit disapointing to hear that its such a minimal amount (one pretty small level and some skins) and even more disapointing with suggestions that they will not even be free. While i understand that it takes time and resources to develop DLC, its pretty obvious that the tactic here is to hold back stuff from the final game so that it can later be released as DLC. I personally don't think that new skins are worth anything as they will add no difference in game play. The new level will add at max an hour of extra gameplay to FU and as i said before... is clearly something that has been held back. Just curious as to what other peoples opinions are on this. Just to clarify i really do enjoy the game and i am surprised at how many times i have played through it now. After intitially thinking it had no replay value... i have gone through it about three times in total so i am not a hater of the game at all.... just a very disapointed fan.
  9. Oh really. Thats a shame. Im not sure i will bother trying to find all the Holocrons again as it was the least fun part of the game! I found out that if i start a new game all the Holocrons are back in place, so i might level up to the max and then go back through on easy to find them all again. Booo Hooo. Funny thing is that i previously owned the PS3 version of the game. I ended up playing through it again once i had unlocked all my force powers and enjoying it even more... and then i thought that if i traded it in for the 360 version i would at least have achievements to give me reward for playing it so much lol. Shame they didn't put trophies in the PS3 version though as i think i did prefer it on that console. I know some people don't get trophies or achievements... but in my opinion they really do add so much to a game and increase its replay value.
  10. Yep Gone back through some other missions and then reloaded the death star level and no cigar. Even odder is that it doesn't even record my force points anymore in the mission status screen. Also... in the bit where it says additional objectives or whatever (above force points) instead of saying the objective there it reads this ' *default text here ' So something has gone very very wrong inside the game.
  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo I was going through the game again following a guide and collecting every Holocron for the achievement. I had ONE left to go on the DeathStar mission.... picked it up and no achievement. When i checked the mission status in the menu it had changed from saying 14/15 Holocrons to 0/15 Anyone had anything similar :-(
  12. Yay good news! Although i get a horrible feeling they are breaking the character skins and the new map into two seperate downloadables.... which means they will charge for both I don't mind paying a bit for a new level or two so long as its not too small, but paying for character skins is a joke seeing as they probably won't add extra gameplay elements.
  13. Its only a week and a bit in since the game was released and i am already growing bored of it. It was great fun to play, and i have been through a second time with more powers, but can already feel myself tiring of it. This is a game that DESPERATELY needs some DLC added and it needs it soon. New missions and better ranking, more combos to unlock etc would be a great addition. What do you rekon the chances are of additional content? I get the feeling that it was released to make a quick buck and nothing more will be added.
  14. Yeah Zack i think you basically summed it all up. Its a great game and very fun to play but there needed to be much more to keep it alive. Definitely one of better games i have played in a while in terms of story and immediate gameplay but absolutely nothing included in there to make it worth hanging onto. I would seriously reccomend anyone still undecided about purchasing this game to instead RENT it. I am not sure multiplayer would work here.... although it would be very fun, but they could have included the survival mode... or at least some leaderboards and better rankings.
  15. Actually yes i have to admit i was a little over excited about the PSP cut scenes! I think it comes down to the fact that i was watching them with headphones on which drew me into things alot more. I replayed some of the PS3 ones last night when i got home and yes... they are FAR superior I do enjoy some of the subtle differences though. In the third mission where you land in the junkyard... in the PSP version it's raining as your ship comes in which is wonderfully atmospheric (with the headphones on). I am pretty sure that in the PS3 version there is no rain.... would this be correct? I am assuming both versions are made by totally seperate developers? It would be interesting to know what the PSP version's brief was and if they were limited in any way in what they were allowed to do. Not unlocked the Sith Seekerand Maelstrom yet but i can't wait!!
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