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  1. Hello OJP players and Roleplayers alike! My name is Dave, and I'm here to represent RPG Fate. I joined this community not long ago while they were running JA+, and was able to convert them to your wonderful mod, which I now host their servers for them. We're working out little kinks here and there, but we're an open community devoted solely to roleplay. We hope that you stop by, whether it's from a peak of interest - or you clicked on this topic expecting something better. Our IP for the server is... You can find our site at ... http://z4.invisionfree.com/rp_fate -------- I detest Invision Free, but hopefully in the future we'll move on to more.
  2. Now, I know the player 'speed' and velocity greatly differs from mods like JA+, but me and my players have ran into a pretty annoying problem. Going up and down stairs has actually become a pain in the ass. You go literally twice as slow going down and in some cases you get stuck whilst traveling up. I have tested it on different maps, but really, it's not a mapping flaw. Any ideas? Perhaps even a cvar can reform it?
  3. Please man... do not modify the swings... Just release the stances, believe me - that's all most of us want. Please release soon!
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