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  1. That's the question that I stood in the long QA line to ask at the end. Unfortunately, they only took 2 questions from the audience, so I didn't get to On the other hand - with Ron, Ken and Roberta working on new stuff, it might have been underwhelming, if she has said to have no new game plans plans at all.
  2. Will you be at PAX, Jake? Would love to meet you. I'll be at booth 650 presenting a VR game called Mixture. There will be a rollup with a Moth Knight.
  3. I'd love to get some more Insecticide in any shape or form (though adventure game is definitely the best). That said, I seem to be one of the few people that really enjoyed the action segments (the weapons, atmosphere, pacing, enemy chatter). And the dynamics of switching between the action and investigative segments. @p1r473 Part 2 was blocked by the publisher and Crackpot can't do anything to release it. A complete version exists for the DS platform and the PC quality cutscenes are available on YT.
  4. Oh, when I clicked the link, it was already in place 3. Definitely not place 1. Shame it has moved down so quickly. btw upon release Gemini Rue was on the 1st and 2nd places on Metacritic in terms of reviews. And for a pretty long time too. That made quite an impression on me.
  5. You mean they are still somewhat more popular in Germany than in the rest of the world? Especially the German ones? That's nothing new. But anyway I'm really looking forward to playing Deponia. I read it's very good.
  6. Oh yes - first very low sales, then opinion pieces reinterpreting the sales as poor quality, and now someone desecrating the good name of Insecticide with spam! Will there be no end to Insectcide bullying?
  7. Seems like McConell is doing a lot of Kinect stuff lately: http://alternativemagazineonline.co.uk/2012/01/02/interview-in-conversation-with-peter-mcconnell-video-game-music-composer/
  8. Wonderful game. It's a shame it's treated this way. Oh well, perhaps more people will play it at least.
  9. Gilbert and original IPs (from Telltale or anyone). What's DJG?
  10. Hector and Costume Quest PC! EDIT: Stacking will be in my favorites for 2012.
  11. Pretty great work so far quality wise. But I can't say I'll be interested in playing the game in widescreen.
  12. How can onions be relevant to anything in this thread? EMI brought bitter tears of extreme disappointment to my eyes and no excuses can save it, nor the Eurogamer write-up.
  13. I just wanted to add to the other voices here that I hate EMI with all my heart! Except for awesome music and good puzzles.
  14. Well, personally I like the graphics so far - an Indy game with its own visual style. Besides what really matters is the plot the gameplay and getting the game finished for us to play, right?
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