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  1. Mixed grief over invalidated EU characters, and conservative excitement for new movies
  2. That's exactly why, and pretty much the only reason (though its a big one). The story, in comparison to K1, is incredibly more complex and intellectually stimulating (K1 is amazing as well, but in a very different way). When I was a kid, I played K2 after K1 and was disgusted. "How ridiculous and broken", I thought. All I saw was the incompleteness of the game; I lacked the intellectual capacity to appreciate the story. I played the game again when I was ~19 and the writing blew my mind. If K2 wasn't rushed by LucasArts; if Obsidian got their time to work on it, and finish it all properly, K2 would have been something truly spectacular. I still mourn for the series. I tried TOR but it wasn't a worthy successor. I really hope that whatever Bioware is making right now for SW will be a spiritual successor to the KotOR's.
  3. Far out. Bad timing? World's on the verge of an SW game bonanza; could have revitalized interest in the oldies. It appears Disney/LucasArts thinks so - why else would they have commissioned Aspyr to update K2? More importantly, how am I going to efficiently find mods for my ~tri-decadely playthroughs of the KotOR's? We should all back up the entire kotorfiles catalogue to our PC's and seed them via torrents forever. ;_;
  4. IMO, to answer the title question: I don't think he was a master swordsman in his early days. I *do* think he was a master swordsman by RotS. You're essentially commenting on the validity of Soresu as a style. But I think that's irrelevant, Regardless of Soresu's effectiveness, Obi-Wan's skill and knowledge of it is what's important. I consider the issue this way: Soresu is a style of swordplay. Obi-Wan was a master of it. Obi-Wan a master of a form of swordplay; in essence, a master swordsman.
  5. Did we? I can't.. remember In fact, i can't really remember ever hanging around Kavars. I generally stayed away from that place. I wonder what it was about
  6. Your name rings an echo of the ring of a bell.. =_= When did you leave?
  7. This is like, an archaeological excavation -- look at all those fossilized accounts..
  8. A "Story Group" has been created by Disney to steer all Star Wars lore from here on out - and their initial mandate is to streamline the existing, sprawling canon. Which basically means that the expanded universe is under review. It stands to reason, with the in-universe chronology of the latest trilogy, that everything post-RotJ is going to get seriously shaken up. Logically, I understand the reason to do this - for Star Wars to continue; to not stagnate, and to stay alive in order capture the imaginations of new generations, it has to be rebooted with tighter continuity control (and it can be conceded, that much of the EU could technically be considered of substandard quality..). However, despite the sense this makes, I can't help but feel like my childhood is at a firing squad. ._.
  9. I'm getting a security certificate error on that site...
  10. So this is like, The Battle of Endor but.. 'official'. Seriously, the voice acting had me 100% convinced this was a fan game or movie..
  11. I like the sound of of Escape Pod. I suppose "Pod Race[r]" would have been surely been used by now..? Alternatively, you could just call it "IT'S WORKING. IT'S WOOORRRKINNG"
  12. RPG. I prefer games with strong narratives/focus on narrative, and this is usually done in RPG's more than any other genre. But suddenly, a wild Telltale appeared! Tellltale's evolution of adventure games are like cocaine to the veins, but I must say that also have quite a fondness for RPG mechanics, and the strategic management thereof.
  13. I always liked Astro - he was so knowledgable about technological matters, and was very good about using that knowledge to help people. He always liked my name, telling me that Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the Koran; and told me to never change it. Don't worry Astro, I won't. Rest in peace.
  14. Been thinking about the topic. I think: Freedom is a description of the number of possibilities, in the context of action, available to an agent. Possibilities are created by power, which is the ability to execute an action. Number of possibilities is determined by the presence of restrictions to actions. Restrictions can be anything - physical laws or objects, or abstract concepts or perceptions. The action, and agent, can both be anything. Some unordered notes: The greater the freedom (number of possibilities) available to an agent, the greater the potential for chaos (with chaos being negative relations/interactions of consequences of actions). When people refer to "freedom", they are usually incognizantly referring to freedom in specific contexts, as unspecified freedom (i.e. absolute freedom), is so exclusive from the human experience. Absolute freedom exists only as a concept, as many possibilities are mutually exclusive of each other. Absolute freedom also requires absolute power. Laws and moralities are artificial restrictions on possibilities, created by people to prevent chaos and preserve order, because, while the positivity of orders are subject to specific attributes of specific orders, chaos generally causes destruction and death regardless of context. Example: In the context of flying, if you are a human being on planet Earth, your freedom (possibilities) to fly is limited by the planet's gravity, and your lack of naturally occurring biological flying systems. Presence of accessible airplanes increase your ability (and thus, possibilities) to fly. Absolute freedom in the context of flying likely is impossible, as even birds have limited energy (type of power) to expend on flying, and there is limited money (determiner of ability) and/or fuel (source of energy) in the world to facilitate airplane operation. In the subcontext of human use of airplanes, laws exist in human societies concerning the operation of airplanes (artificial restrictions), as if planes were usable without air traffic rules and standards, the likelihood for air crashes is greatly increased (chaos is prevented).
  15. Have been thinking about this. By my observation, most of the remaining member base employs lurking as their primary function, ostensibly because of lack of activity. An obvious solution is to simply encourage everyone to post more threads - but, about what? If you think about posting in threads, the reason people post is usually relatablilty of topics, due to shared/common experience, or interest. Most topics in the last few years have been hit-and-miss in this regard, most likely due to the fact that as time has passed, the member base has grown apart in life experience, going different ways, doing different things. The solution seems to me to be something that would bring everyone back together -to give shared experience; be at center of common interest; something that everyone can have a good time talk about. Well, how about the game(s) that brought us here in the first place? We're in the SWK forum. How long has it been since everyone played KotOR? For me, its a few months, but was years, before that. Imagine this: we take an upcoming time period, eg a month, and we name it "KotOR month": a time were everyone is encouraged to dust off, reinstall, and play the grand old game - together (in the same general time period). From there, everyone's encouraged to make threads/posts about the shared experience. Threads on builds, thoughts from playing the game after so long, comparisons of first time playthroughs to current ones. On analysis, shared experience is the main factor involved in forum activity/growth. It's why currently popular forums are so, and what made LF alive and well in its day. It happens naturally with video game forums because of public game releases, but what if it was artificially simulated via special event? Because of our low numbers of regulars, this would only work here if enough people agreed to join in ("sign up", as it were). Such a thing wouldn't be designed to bring more members in/make the forum grow, but rather stimulate more activity from the existing base. It's not a final solution, but I think would be a good start to getting the forum going again. Thoughts/opinions?
  16. Joined one or two very active/huge forums; was turned off by the impersonality of it all. LF's low member base may be an overall detrimental artifact, but it also gives the forum a unique charm - like a bar in a a small town. The place may be winding down, but here's to those of us that still here. So yeah. Lurkan like a dianoga - been in this trash compactor for years; have no plans on leaving. I'm not so sure. Since the advent of web 2.0, businesses have been obsessed with the concept of social media, and proprietary forums are a part of that. You'll see it happening in the last 5 or so years, especially. Game studios in particular, have cottoned on to the value-add potential of product-centered communities (no doubt, by observing/studying the effects of fan-forums such as ours in its heyday), and are looking to harness that power with greater control. Hence, self made forums. Managing the forums themselves allows for greater brand image/voice control, as well as possible damage control, with the ability to censor perceived detrimental content. The thing with proprietary forums is that they're usually marketed along with the game, with all the resources and formal expenditure associated with standard game marketing. This makes the presence of those forums drown out that of other unofficial/fan made ones (and thus, help secure aforementioned brand control). Exhibit A: SWTOR.com/forum vs LFN TOR forum. Given the last half-decade or so's relevant track record, i think it's reasonable to assume that any new Star Wars games that get made will get their own officially made, and marketed forums, and thus, will reduce the hypothetical 'explosion' of LFN member influx to more of a 'trickle'. >_________>
  17. Well, this is it. Only two days till the final episode. I'm sad to see it ending, but also glad that they're wrapping things up, as opposed to dragging the show on to milk the cash cow as much as they can.
  18. Gaben calls Linux "The Future of Gaming"; teases possible Steambox announcement for next week. Watched the video. A lot of exciting stuff to hear. Also, I'm impressed by just how much respect Valve has for the consumers. Both their current actions and broader objectives are geared for benefiting gamers and gaming as a whole. This is why they're doing so damn well. Imagine the innovation/progress that would be had if all the major players in the games industry had the attitude these guys have.
  19. Lol, I *just* got a basic low-level job - my first (like, an hour ago), and was just plotting out all the vidya I wanted to buy XD Dat doom and gloom prophecy.
  20. tl;dr: Guy plays computer game with other guy's arm. Link Not *yet*... Tin foil hats just got a lot more reasonable. o_O
  21. I personally don't have any qualms about Affleck being batman. I think at this point, the hatred towards him only propagates because its become fashionable/a meme. In other words, it has no valid basis.
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