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  1. Actually, I just reread another page of this topic, the dfmod team is only DSM and hhunter atm, so they don't have a modeler either. It's so sad that so little people care about bringing these awesome games to jk3 anymore. But then, jk3 itself is also getting old, but alas. We should really talk about setting deadlines on certain things in our projects( e.g. say hhunter and I finish the first three mots levels and leave it at that for the moment) then combine all our forces (' us' being shamus, dsm, hhunter, you, omnisu, me and whoever else is still around either working on somethng df1/2/mots related) and get at least one of these suckers completely done imho.
  2. Okay, then I might have misunderstood the use of the word junk. Apologies. And now that you mention it, I do recall having read something alone those lines somewhere. Also, on a completely unrelated note, I have a question: does the dfmod have a modeller currently? I recently came across Jose Carlos' throwable stuff mod (and assets) and I'm planning to try it out soon. If it works, it could be great to (if it works properly) add some new throwable objects, but one needs to do some simple max operations for that -that is, I think they're simple-, but I have no clue whatsoever how to. edit: just tested it, the mod just has too many disadvantages since objects become npc's, allies attack objects, bounding boxes are sometimes messed up, and sometimes the objects behave like people. Maybe the mod can be used for some small easily destroyable items, but no more than that.
  3. Disagreed. Mara Jade really had no place in df2, and the siege on altyr v had nothing to do with df2's story, same counts for other levels. Although you could say a story was created to fit the maps, I'm not sure of the order in which that happened. I'd be the first to admit the storyline is bad and too many things are left unexplained. E.g. where did kyle get the info on dromund kaas? why is the base getting attacked? etc. Besides, some levels are just really random, making the player wait till kyle goes to kaas and gets corrupted, but I honestly found some maps to be really enjoyable, and not ' junk' at all. Admittedly, they need a crapload of work since there are a lot of things bad and missing. Take stuff like wrong textures on walls (it happens!), that is a sign of being rushed more than being left over levels, but I really believe that some ideas were good and original (same for some new MP levels) and with some creativity, they can become really great. Especially the first four and the last three levels. Take level one for example. The idea of a imperial siege on a rebel base from an asteroid is original, but the base itself is empty-ish except for some control panels, boxes and an a-wing. That is something I only recently realized when making it, and I've currently assigned every room a function which would help give the map more purpose. Once this is done, it could really get good imho. Especially if a solution can be found for making some kind of related story between those levels instead of some random in between adventures. Finally, the expansion introduced stuff like saber throw and some other new powers, the player can choose powers from both light AND dark side, and it introduced capture the ysalamiri+was original in adding character play instead of just jedi with guns and force to multiplayer. It was a bit like mb2 in that direction.
  4. I didn't mean it seriously, but as a compliment (to you both, then) =) All I'm saying is I love those creative touches, and they've inspired me to plan a rework of a part of the level I'm working on atm as well. Really go back to basics and ask myself: what was this room supposed to be for? and if it's not clear (as MotS was more rushed than both DF and DF2, that might have to do with it), make up a purpose. This way, the recreation goes further than just updated semi-old half empty rooms, and hopefully comes to life more.
  5. If you need any more help, I might be able to give you some advice, it shouldn't be too hard, but I presume you already fixed it.
  6. It's been a while since I last visited these forums, but I just had to post and say how amazing some screenshots look. I think hhunter and I are being vastly outclassed and outpaced by you alone, as we have no finished level and you take on several in such a short time frame. xD In all seriousness though, I love your work and the creative touches. If I might give you one tiny suggestion, the reddish rock stairs on one of the screenshots look slightly bland, but that might just be the particular shot.
  7. Sure, there are newer, more beautiful engines. And yes, it takes a long time to finish the project. They can't help it. They're a small team, they're doing this as a fun project and honestly ,they've done a great job uptil now. I don't think the main goal of a mod this size is to ever complete it. Sure, everyone wants to, and it's great if it ever gets completed. But the main fun is working on it, and just knowing you're doing this because of this game you used to play, used to love, all these years ago. Furthermore: I think the people that will be mainly playing the mod are the ones that, as someone mentioned, get all nostalgic and want to play the game again. This can happen now, in ten years, or whenever. However, they then have this mod to play, i/o the original I know from my own experience that although I hope so, I doubt my motsmod will ever get completed with the current team size. However, we didn't really have another choice, engine wise. Besides, I'm happy with whatever we can accomplish, and for me, it's the process that counts.
  8. No they aren't. They are ported. Actually, I helped with doing one shader for them(on the visor) when tritonunit asked me. However, he said it was for his clan.(if he wanted to use his model there, no problem for me) But now I see this used in the mod, I feel that needs to be said. I don't want to encourage porting, after all. Also, pretty inactive forums over there..
  9. that webchat thing gives a 'too many connections' error, sadly :/ Anyway, I'll be sure to visit you guys whenever I have time. I'm currently doing some research into cutscene scripting, and I have a slight problem. Maybe one of you can give me some tips.. And yes, of course I know hhunter, but I was under the impression the team would be much bigger..
  10. tsk, I'll take on you both, I've been having some good practice lately! =) Also, @DSM and/or Shamus(if you wont read this, I'll ask it on IRC later on) how many mappers are currently busy with dfmod and df2mod?
  11. this is a bump of massive proportions I started and finished highschool in the time it took you to answer xD
  12. then I wouldn't know what it is. My apologies. What you could do is go over to the filefront forums and see if anyone can help you there. They're generally more active than lucasforums(or used to be, before last week's trouble, and will be again soon..)
  13. if it's not xfire, I'll just have to take some shots in the dark. I'd like you to try this first, it's a post on the mb2 forums, with some general tweaks http://www.moviebattles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20051
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