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  1. So? Expansions never have, and never will get a higher score because they are essentially the original game.
  2. Space battles are prettier and faster paced so they have that appeal, but I also like ground battles just as much since they require more strategy. Basically I like them both evenly.
  3. Expansions don't get higher rankings than the original game; FoC will get a 7.8 max.
  4. Funny, I only played the Empire campaign once, but I never actually saw Red Squadron at all.
  5. And on top of that she has no combat capabilities what-so-ever making her all but useless.
  6. Dark Forces, it had much more depth than Doom and since it's Star Wars, instant win. Don't get me wrong though, I enjoyed Doom and Doom II (I disliked Final Doom and haven't bothered with Doom 3) but they were rather flat games with simple level design and even simpler gameplay. The storyline was practically non existant in Doom while Dark Forces had a solid storyline that flowed well with the gameplay. Every mission was important to the storyline and drew you into a dark world while every Doom and Doom II level had nothing to do with the plot and was just there. This isn't usually a problem for me, for example Unreal is one of my favorite FPS' and it's levels rarely have anything to do with the plot but having mostly plot relevant levels is a plus. Another level problem, the levels in the Doom series are much too brief, even for their age. You can finish Doom Episode 1 in fifteen minutes or less on Nightmare, and that's about eight levels not counting the bonus one. Doom was great back in the day and I loved it back then but these days it's a rather shallow game and there's no real point in playing it anymore except for nostalgia or trying out those wonderful mods that make it fully 3D. 3D mods or not, Dark Forces is a solid game that brought many things to the genre and tells a solid story at the same time and every level was an unforgettable experience for me. I can't say the same for Doom despite the fact that I liked it when I played it because I've forgotten almost every level entirely and the kicker is I replayed both Doom and Doom II with the 3D model mods just last year.
  7. Wasn't Jabba's Palace a map added to BF 1 via a patch? Are they making a new one for BF 2?
  8. Talonfire, but I rarely play the game online.
  9. The only other Republic Commando game I'm aware of is the Cell Phone game "Republic Commando: Order 66" that's listed on Gamespot. It displays Boss, Scorch and Fixer on the cover and it's based around hunting down the last of the Jedi.
  10. The problem with Force Commander isn't the gameplay, but the camera and the horrible remixed music. The camera controls are clunky, the game would have been better if the camera worked more like C&C Generals or Warcraft III, a plain overhead view (with an optional zoom to ground level function.) I agree that Force Commander is better than Galactic Battlegrounds when it comes to gameplay, I never cared for the Age of Empire series because of the lack of variety between the civilizations and the gameplay is way too slow for a Star Wars game. Galactic Battlegrounds is, in my opinion, the worst of the current three Star Wars RTS games. I pray that Empire at War does the license justice.
  11. Even if it means releasing something a while before it's ready.
  12. Yes, but while JEDI Knight had a fine balance between guns and the lightsaber, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy have poorly designed guns and focuses more on the lightsaber. I'm a guy who likes balance, I'd rather see them more balanced and have focus on both guns and lightsabers rather than focusing primarily on the lightsaber and having poorly designed and executed guns.
  13. I'm still a bigger fan of Dark Forces and Jedi Knight than Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. The latest two just seemed so... rushed. It seemed more geared towards graphics and the lightsaber that the guns were poorly designed and executed, both of them could have been A LOT better while Dark Forces and Jedi Knight were near perfect for their time.
  14. That MOD was made long before JK II came out. I remember playing it back in 1999 (I think.) Maybe it was 2000?
  15. While the books expand on the game, they also ruin the continuity of the game series, and add unnecessary elements that were not in the games. In fact, I'd be surprised if the writer actually read the actual character backgrounds before writing the books. I seriously doubt in the canon of Dark Forces that Kyle met Jerec before Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.
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