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    I have loved Star Wars from a young age. I was always the nerd that would have fake lightsaber fights with my friends at birthday parties, and I am extremely passionate about it.
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    I love drawing and writing. They are my passions. I also lve video games!
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    Star Wars: Force Unleashed/ KotOR 1 and 2
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  1. okay, now that I've found all the crystals and hilts, there's still the issue of pictures of them. If you have any please post them
  2. YES! I BEAT THE GAME! But I am missing two hilts and one crystal, but i know where they are...it's the bottom blue one, and i'm missing the Apprentice Sith Lord hilt and Palpatine's hilt...but i'll get them soon! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! lol
  3. the first one is the one that you have in the beginning of the game, but once you change your color you lose it, and the fourth one is the same one, you just got it back.
  4. I TOTALLY AGREE! The reviewers are totally biased on the wii and ps2 versions too! Basically to them if the graphics suck, they down the score by about a mile. I thought the wii version was at LEAST and 8.5, but GameSpot gave it a six and IGN a 7.8. And they usually only speed through a game because if the first level or two don't muse them they just say "screw it" and speed-game...I am so on your side.
  5. I have looked EVERYWHERE and nobody has the pics for all of the wii saber colors! I also would like to know the specific locations just in case a cheat I got doesn't work. It SUPPOSEDLY unlocks all lightsaber crystals (power and color) and I got it off of GameStop, but idk...haven't tested t yet...Well, thanks!
  6. -JEDI FAVES- Lightsaber Crystal: Any blue, but mostly dark blue Costume: Jedi Adventurer (Or as I like to call them, the Assassin Robes! lol) Combo: The thingy with the lightning on the lightsaber Force Power: Repulse! -SITH FAVES- Lightsaber Crystal: RED!!!!!! WOO-HOO! Costume: Sith Stalker Combo: I don't really know, I use a lot when I'm a sith Force Power: Lightning! Especially in the Shaak Ti ending!
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