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    I am a an Arc 100 clone tropper assasination and recovery unit
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    In Australian cyberspace
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    Reading,Playing computer,playing tennis and lounging on the beach
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    kotor 1
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  1. It's coming along. I am reading through it.

  2. Hi, I dont want to be really impatient but how is that first chapter coming along?



  3. Hi,im just curious as to if you have received the email with my first chapter?

  4. Hey, how are you coming along with that first chapter?

  5. About 20 mins ago my parents told me and my brother that they didn't love eacg other anymore has this happened to anybody else?
  6. Well since most heroes hav it it is really a must
  7. These were to be expected but it's good to hear anyway
  8. LOL I watched this at 8 in this morning,Since Im an aussie it is now 6 O'Clock!! Anyway a awesome vid
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