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  1. yeah. youve been inactive for a while, am i right?

  2. Just FYI, one of the images in your sig is broken (says you can't link it or it violates the site's TOS).

  3. Sorry I'm late to say this. Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. Check the group and see!

  5. Something strange has happended in drunken time travelers...something very strange

  6. Go to my profile, and click drunken time travelers of star wars knights, we thank you gor joining and we hope you have fun, we hope that you observe our rul-ah who am I kidding, we have no rules

  7. Sounds fun! But if I join what will I become?

  8. Lets see here...we talk about whacking me in the face with a sonic crowbar...screwing with history...repelling evil gizka invasions those sorts of things. i bet you could add some fun stuff if you were to join. everyone adds there own little bits and pieces to the group, Yar-El is our founder who created the group, I was the second one to join the group and i'm the one who is locked in eternal combat witht the evil gizka, Trigger is the one who tries to kill me once in a while, CQ is the heavy weapons expert, and alkonium is the one who rescues me when the evil gizka get to smart for me.

  9. What kind of conversation? I'm interested in this.

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