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  1. I'd also like to ask you for this tool. I know we were ungrateful with feedback, but everyone hasn't much time. Without your help it would be extremely difficult to translate game.
  2. Thanks I have a question - your utility changes french text, or some else?
  3. Could reupload file on depositfiles, or any other site? I can't download it.
  4. koun, any progress with uiText.info tool?
  5. MISE\audio\classdub <- folder with patched game
  6. I've made simple installer - you just have to choose game folder, and press enter in few moments - http://www.storage.to/get/fSVZlV5P/install.exe
  7. Scummfont and some program from Russian programmers for images. Now I can't give it's name.
  8. Refreshing... I've got problem with translating Indy4 into polish. We've translated fonts and images, but when I replace text, dubbing disappear. Is there any chance to edit text and keep dubbing?
  9. I have question - if I want to change some chars in fonts, I only have to modify .png files? And which font is used in normal dialogues in game?
  10. koun, your tool is great. You could add to it some searching functions. However, it's not the final answer to problem, because when you put classic files, game reads text from them, and you still don't hear dubbing.
  11. Do you think you could write some editor, which gives chance to add new language/change other?
  12. Have anyone tried to edit files with in-game text (uiText.info, speech.info)? When I tried, dubbing disappeared, and subtitles weren't changed anyway. Maybe game is also reading text from files from old version?
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