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  1. Greetings! I wasn't really ever active here. Will try and remedy that. Last time I hung around was back in the MI Speech Project days. I did visit a few times afterwards, once to touch a Grim Fandango fan game creation effort. It was a touch of death.1 Another time I visited here was to torment @MJ 2. 1) It ended up not going past the analysis phase. @N3mo made some amazing character design and a beautiful poster for it though. I'll tell him to come back here and maybe post them if he doesn't mind. 2) In my defense I couldn't have listened to his MI shows since I
  2. You mean it's Cancelled? Ahh, That's a shame ... I was looking forward to the next one.
  3. What happened to the Sam and Max series?
  4. Google Docs is good too ... I've never worked with it before ... Sure, I'll try it to see if it's good enough and if it works well with my 230 kB/s connection ...
  5. No! No no no, It's a double-misunderstanding! I didn't mean to seem as if I thought you were arrogant. I honestley hoped for the fan game to turn out well made. Yeah! Let's do it! Do you happen to use Dropbox? We can share a folder using that service. That's a good story arc to consider, But before writing the plot, I'd like to understand truly what makes Grim Fadango, Grim Fandango. I'd like to analyse the game 1st. But, I'm not saying that brainstorming [like you did Jeremy] is prohibited! Not at all. In fact, It's very desired and welcome. but I don't like to start doing so.
  6. I just found-out about this! This is amazing! Very Grim-Fandango-esque ... I definitely look forward to it
  7. Oh yeah, Thanks for reminding me to read that! I got it a while back and forgot about it ... Cool! I'll look forward to working with ya, If I get to design something good ... Heh! I like the page's Icon. After seeing your avatar and blog here I kinda suspected you might be the owner of that page
  8. Sorry to reply late N3mo. Well, I'd like to start one! I'm going to analyse Grim Fandango and understand what made it special. I'm gonna observe Grim Fandango, Follow Grim Fandango, Walk with Grim Fandango, See through Grim Fandango and finally, become Grim Fandango! Then I'm gonna try to merge it with a classic novel/story/fable for brainstorming purposes and see what I can come up with. Thanks! Your talents can be of great help recreating some of background's textures! As ThunderPeel said the post above, You're very welcome! *looks at the DeviantArt page and is sho
  9. I'd like to help with the story! And since I'm helping with the GFDelux Project to remodel and rerender the 3D backgrounds, I may be able to help with that as well. Especially if I get to learn 3D charachter modelling/sculpting. A good question to ask is, Whether it's best for the fan-game to has a hero and antagonist similar to the usual TimSchafer character type [A guy who loves the new tech (bad) and the guy who loves the old tech (good). See Trenched, Full Throttle, ...] or should it have a totally different story style. I'm for taking a different story style. I say let's take th
  10. Thanks for the info! I gave up compiling it 3~4 weeks ago. I hope it continues the compiling successfully after I've removed the package.
  11. I'm trying to compile the source under Linux ubuntu 10.04 but the ./configure file doesn't work properly and due to that I can't proceed to the make command. Here's the output: jon@jon-desktop:~/Desktop/scummvm-1.2.0_fan_patch$ sudo ./configure Running ScummVM configure... Looking for C++ compiler... g++ Checking for compiler version... 4.4.3, ok Checking for whether -Wglobal-constructors work... no Checking endianness... little Type with 1 byte... char Type with 2 bytes... short Type with 4 bytes... int Compiling for x86... yes Checking hosttype... linux-gnu Alignment required... no Che
  12. This is the Second Biggest Fan Project I`ve ever seen!!!
  13. Hey joe!!! I just read another post in lucasforums by you that you said you can make MI1 (CD Ver.) with voices too!!! When you start adding voices to that one?
  14. Yes, as he said in the first post.record in .ogg vorbis files with audacity
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