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  1. That was a bit shameful on my part.

  2. Hey Chev! Yep, that I am, just haven't posted in a week or so. I'll PM you my characters' plans very quickly (still trying to work them out myself XD )

  3. I have been a neglecting comrade. Consider this the first half of my penance.


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  4. Hey Chev! Sorry, man, work has had me swamped...I will post and get this show on the road :D

  5. Haha, hey, LDR! Yeah, we've not spoken really, but I'm looking forward to RPing alongside you! Thanks for the welcome back, man! :D

  6. No problem, Chev! Glad you started this one...a good way to get started again XD Hmm...one of the major villains? Send me the details, I am interested :D

  7. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  8. HED, you are a lurker. Join RP, HED.


    Here HED, take it, HED. Pls. Gooby. Dnt do dis tu meh.



  9. Cyborg, it is a good feeling to be back! I think we'll have to team up and jump back into the Lucasforums way of life XD

  10. Glad to hear it, Chev XD I've been pretty good...very busy couple of years, peeked at LF a couple of times, but didn't quite come back until now :( I've missed you! How are you doing?

  11. What year is it? I have been asleep too long.


    *strokes beard*

  12. Yep, I got your message....lol, it's just been that busy-ness again, haven't been able to respond :( Anyways, I shall respond soon :D And regarding the name change, that is up to you :D I wouldn't mind, so go right ahead :)

  13. Hey Chev, I shall post very soon....and whoops, I sort've ended Velerc's part in the rp. I had intended to leave the trial out of it and its result assumed, but I'll post and get that started up again :D I need to get online more often :D

  14. Yep....just haven't been able to post for awhile...been going through another busy period in life. I'll have my character sheet up pretty soon, so no worries :D

  15. Go right ahead, I don't see why not :D I suppose the more the merrier...could get a bit crowded in Imperial High Command eventually :D

  16. Dang, this is becoming a bad habit lol, when I'm able, I will post which is fairly soon...I'll keep constant this time around...:D

  17. And I gladly accept the invitation! :D

  18. Yeah, I know, haven't quite been the avid poster...I shall do so immediatley, Chev :D

  19. Hey Chev! No, you're not bugging me....and yeah, I need to post, my apologies for keeping things held up...this week and the beginning of next one will be especially busy for me...blasted education, lol :D I'll get to the posting shortly :D

  20. It shall be great indeed, Chev :D

  21. Wait...is it my turn? Lol, my mistake there, Chev...I shall post the next part and we can finish up :D

  22. Awesomeness! Nah, I don't have a problem there...I'll post my character sheet up and will be geared to go :D

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