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  1. Sure, but CMI and EMI were released so close in time that I don't think age is a factor in reassessment at this point, at least. Feels crazy to me that it has been 25 years and 22 years, respectively! Incidentally, despite how much I love the game, I kinda sorta slightly still feel the same way about CMI, but to a much lesser degree than EMI.
  2. Unlike CMI and TMI, EMI played it very loose with established Monkey Island characters, tone and canon. I think it’s a perfectly fine adventure game in its own right, but I don’t particularly like it as a Monkey Island sequel.
  3. Hence "original vision". But, as I said, I'm sure Ron will find a way to make it work. I agree. I could see them doing a pixelated filter as a nod to the special editions, but I doubt they would do two complete sets of every background and character in the game.
  4. It does seems like a tough balancing act to both provide Ron Gilbert's original vision for what happens after the MI2 ending, and accomodate the info dump in the LeChuck conversation towards the end of CMI at the same time. I guess we'll see - I have a lot of confidence in Ron Gilbert.
  5. Hugely excited about this, and I can’t wait to see more! A lot of really talented people are involved with this game, both veterans and newcomers. I have a slight worry about the art style and animations of the game, based on the teaser and the website. It has that digital vector animation look that often comes across as impersonal and cheap, almost like a mobile game. The Special Editions had the same issue, especially SMI. I’m sure the game will be great regardless, and I’m hoping further footage will prove me wrong, and that the game will look as stunning as the first three Monkey Island games did in their time!
  6. Hiring a white actor to do an african-american accent, is the voice acting equivalent of blackface. Also, this is not a US-specific "trend". Using white actors to portray minorities is controversial throughout western Europe, and rightfully so.
  7. Found this on Twitter. Underlines the wasted potential in this release.
  8. Yeah, this is very hit and miss. Do we know which versions of MI1 and 2 are included? I fear it would only be the special editions.
  9. It’s pretty mind-boggling that LucasFilm games never did a Star Wars adventure game, but could have made a Star Trek one.
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