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  1. Here's another pilot question: How do I view my ship from the side ? How do I look around my cockpit ? I can't find the instructions to do this anywhere. Also, when the space station offers to train me, I need to press escape to free my cursor for responding with a "C" and a "\". But pressing ESC loses the quest question from the space station, so how do I get this quest back? I can fly OK, I just want to see if the training quest answers my original question in this post.
  2. I am looking for information on purchasing an incubator. Considering this item is the essential tool required for the 3rd arm of expertise, any profession, there seems to be little info on obtaining it. There is plenty of info on using this machine tho... I understand there are 2 types, any clarification on this plz ? The bazaar has a limit of 20,000. Is this the reason incubators don't appear here ? Roughly what price am I looking at? Do I find a vendor or crafter or someone ? If so, how/where plz? (I am new to SWG) (I have a trader/crafter character in another galaxy who will craft one much later on)
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