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  1. Now I think about it; A Prequel really would be cool. If we team up and make it the biggest KoTOR mod production ever it would be great. Although I have a question; isn't it possible to upgrade the KoTOR/TSL-engine in terms op graphics ? Just like with the Source engine ?
  2. sounds pretty cool - Why doesn't some mod team make such game ?
  3. I saw you added me but I didn't have your instant message...

  4. Thanks , i added you, plus sent you a instant message on msn

  5. Yeaah I do have MSN;



    Please give emails only in private messages. Spambots are attracted to emails in public posts. This also protects you from unwanted spam emails. Thanks, Jae

  6. Hey, do you have AIM or MSN messenger?

    I would like to go over the info in real time if possible.

  7. I hope there won't run a million Jedi/Sith out there.....
  8. How much I love TOR, I hope someday there will be a KOTOR 3!
  9. Hoepfully they wil add new planets in the future. I mean: when the game is out already, they add new content through DLC/Expansions/Updates....
  10. On wich Era should a new Star Wars-based RPG be made?
  11. Now,I have a question. Is there a Total Conversion or Mod that is based on Star Wars for Oblivion?
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