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  1. February 24, 2014 Update Binary Legends is proud to present the Italian translation of the Barnett College demo. A very special thanks to Paolo Vaselli for the translation work! Keep in mind that the Barnett demo was originally released in 2010, so it does not reflect the current art / animation style of the game. However, we hope that you will still enjoy the demo! Italian demo download link: http://binarylegends.cbm8bit.com/?p=dl&download=demo1211italiano#dld
  2. June 1, 2013 Update Here's some samples of some new background work: As marked, these are teasers so they don't represent the final versions of the backgrounds.
  3. April 3, 2012 Update Due to hosting issues with the free host that we were using - we had to move the Binary Legends website to another host. Our website has moved to: http://binarylegends.cbm8bit.com/ Right now the forum is temporarily down - but it will be back up soon. We're still on the look out for background / sprite artists for the team - if any one is interested - contact me.
  4. January 6, 2012 Update German and Italian translations of the demo are currently in production. We need someone to help with graphically editing the GUI buttons, and things like that for the Italian translation. I already have a list of the Italian equivalents of the English words given to me by the Italian translator. So you don't even have to know Italian to do it - just be willing to help. If anybody wants to help beta-test or proofread these translations or wants to help make a translation into another language - let me know.
  5. The Space Quest II Remake by Infamous Adventures has finally been released! Download it from the Infamous Adventure site: http://www.infamous-adventures.com/home/index.php?page=sq2
  6. Merry Christmas everyone from Binary Legends! The German translation of the demo is currently in production. If you are interested in helping to proof read or beta test it - then please contact me. Also we're still on the look out for a background artist for the team.
  7. So the Amiga version does have a bug with the IQ points?
  8. Actually, the sprites shown here are some early concept sprites and do not reflect the sprites that will be used in the final game. The sprite artist who made these sprites left the team, so we're on the look out for a new sprite artist.
  9. July 4, 2011 Update Happy 4th of July everyone from Binary Legends! We're still on the look out for background / sprite artists for the team - if any one is interested - contact me.
  10. Would it be possible to edit Zak and Maniac V2 as well? If there is a tool out there to do this or if you come up with your own tool let me know. My e-mail is: sammymarlo@yahoo.com
  11. The team is still looking for an artist - if anyone is interested - please contact me!
  12. Project Update We need new artwork – backgrounds and sprites - to continue development with the project. So… Binary Legends wants you! If you are a good artist and can do artwork in the classic LucasArts style then we need your help! If you are interested in contributing as an artist to the Indiana Jones and the Seven Cities of Gold project – contact me.
  13. April 1, 2011 Update Major changes and additions to the game's storyline are under-way: -Instead of fighting Nazis, Indy will be battling fanatical members of the Monkey Cult. -Indy encounters his evil twin - Montana Jones. -Indy gets hit on the head and then has delusions of being Harry S. Truman. Marcus must find a rare plant in the jungles of Africa in order to make a cure for Indy. -Indy encounters aliens, meets his dweeby son, gets double-crossed multiple times by a British guy, and... (Wait, hasn't this already been done?) -Instead of searching for the Seven Cities of G
  14. March 5, 2011 Update The AGS source code for the demo has been released. Get it on the Binary Legends Download Page: http://binarylegends.5gigs.net/?p=dl Also, a German translation of the demo is in the works.
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