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  1. Wow, Im' back from a long time away, and not from a far, far galaxy... I was wondering if someone wants to finish this model, I have de 3dmax file, withput uvmap ('cos I´m lazy and never learned, even when you can find cool plugins to do it from the web); I remember somene already heighned it, or whathever its said, but I can't remember who to post my greetings by doing that, so, any volunteer? You can also find this thread on the filefront forums listed above
  2. amazing maps, hope to see them in JKA, this would bring back some of these special taste given by the JKO
  3. Ok, I got the point thanks anyway
  4. I think I'v finished the model, including a mechanical arm as variation selectable from the customizable character menu, no robes, as it's my first jka model and wana release as soon as posible, lol. A friend will help me with the UVmap and rough skin, so when I got that you want to improve this model you are welcome, here is a preview: Is there any other JKA forum with more afluence of visitors?
  5. those weapons doesn't look right as in the screens, did the model was released or finished?
  6. Ok, I'll attach those half parts of the face, reduce the eye polygon, that I remebered that had some unused polygons, improve the shoulderpads that have some silhuoete problems in the black mate view, attach the neck to the head for shape refines and take a look on the boots, who were designed based on the screenshoots of the character and some view from the cartoon series. The hands were modeled using the original ones as reference, so I supose that fit well (hope so). then I'll come back thnks for the advices
  7. I tried to clean the mesh a bit, not yet attached, the head stills untouched, but it counts nearby the 1000 tris, legs around 250, each; and arms so; I'v saved some polygons keeping the main silhouete, but I think it still needs work.
  8. mmmmmm nice one I'll try this method, so I understood that this had a good general look so I only had to refine it, ok? I'll attach the instances and work in the silhoutte how about the face? can I already attach the mirrorred half to have now only 1 object for the head?
  9. Thanks! I hope that some of you could help me to clean up/improve the mesh, some parts are still mirrorred and not attached toghether, maybe fix some proportions and save some tris here and there, I didn't know how to skin, so I'll need help on that. I'm planning to make it a model pack, with options for torso who includes the exposed mechanical arm, robed and unrobed; a nude torso with the blue tatoos from the nelvian warriors from the cartoon series when Anakin lost the firs mechanical arm; a variante of the lastone with the mechanical arm destroyed; a semiburned robe with the mechanical arm destroyed, and heads with the 3danimated series look and one with a photorealistic look; maybe could include one with wet hair as in the cartoon battle vs ventress on Yavin IV, so... who wants the mesh? lol
  10. I hope that this mod was finished 'cos wana give it a try!
  11. where I can find these models?
  12. where I cna get it? have this the weapons loaded?
  13. nice model, any mod who uses it?
  14. a little bit bulky, try some ref images
  15. Add new properties to the weapons so you can grab some of them, instead replacing the original JKA ones, I sugest, lol
  16. Did he realeased this model? I think this walker is awsome
  17. Make a BFstyle mod for the JKA
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