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  1. lol Ya it's totally possible it's just a question of who wants to do it... it's just some re-using of old models if we're using coruscant and Korriban. Then skinning and small changes to Kreia and that's about it, really. piece of cake for anyone more skilled than me
  2. Ordo, as in trained by Skirata, Ordo? Ya I'm surprised the empire would use anything Mandalorian figured they wouldn't want connections back to the republic
  3. you mean like a disguise mod? Or like a head replacement for character creation?
  4. Oh, I read it wrong. I thought it meant having crystals having different properties when they're put in Bandon's saber. Makes much more sense
  5. not sure if the crystal thing is possible but the rest of it seems pretty doable. simple uti edit right there.
  6. How about bandanas? like the ones that bloods and crips use(don't worry, I'm not involved). I was thinking gray, black, and silver ones, though. I was also thinking of gas masks, like the one on the cover of Fallout 3.
  7. they kinda look like pentagons or some such with these yellow-ish circles in 'em. when you walk they kinda blink in and out
  8. is it possible to change the way the Ebon Hawk is facing in the hangars on the planets. like on korriban, the entrance to the ebon hawk is on almost the total opposite position of the entrance to the settlement. also, to change where the PC stands when you go to another planet on the galaxy map. ex. instead of being in the cockpit going in front of the exit. also, in Korriban I noticed these weird shapes that appear in the floor for no reason....
  9. vanilla is a term used for the game (or a part of) that is unmodified. ya I've done a private mod to change that to red. Looks sick. On point, the one they use is the regular force drain. there might've been a script they used to change the color to orange (referring to the council killer one) or they created that power but kept it buried as a special power
  10. it would help a lot if you said what you meant by like force drain, since all the life draining powers in the games used by the sith lords are vanilla.
  11. what do you mean like Kreia's? she uses regular drain
  12. that changes as you make new posts. think after you get to 10 posts you get to be a rookie... yay Just an FYI consistent spamming to raise your post count will get it reduced back to a 0... so remember to post posts with a purpose. -RH --Didn't post to raise count, just so you know so the script didn't work? oh well. I hate having to define a place for things to spawn so I just make 'em spawn next to me.... i'm lazy like that
  13. well the vanilla game doesn't check if you're dark or light for the dark jedi fights. probably just for things like the dialogue with party members. For Ex. If you were dark side, bastila would give the whole light-side runaround. if light, she'd be all happy
  14. well to make a .uti just open any item in templated>blueprint, item(I think), and then do what you will with it
  15. I just get bored of robes doesn't even have to be models, just reskinned robes and stuff
  16. I'm in no way an experienced modder but I'm afraid it's not that simple. It'd probably involve modeling a new armor, not to mention making the look of it(texturing, if I'm not mistaken). It might be possible, and I'd like to see it done, but I doubt it's as easy as you make it out to be
  17. how about a mod that changes all the clothes in the game to modern-style clothing? like jeans and t-shirts and stuff
  18. lol, then you changed it to some stupid thing about runescape (I hate RS)

  19. I think you did open a different thread like this.... anyway, have you already made the .uti file? If not, make that, then you might wanna check the tutorials on modelling. They might say how to put it in-game. I'm not totally sure how to do it, as I don't model myself. I think on the Filefront sites they had this on there
  20. Defenitely try WotOR for KOTOR 1. It adds new blasters and lightsaber hilts.
  21. All you'd gotta do was add a dialogue option like:[Attempt to steal a heavy pistol.] then I would add a skill check of some kind(probably stealth), and if you succeed you'll get a pistol, and if you fail, Kebla won't let you into the store anymore
  22. well, all you would need to do is make your own footlocker or two, and spawn them into one of the areas with the stuff you want in them, using the whereami cheat... I could do it, but it might take a while, because I haven't made my own footlockers before... I might have it done by the 22nd. Edit: if you want it to be even more realistic, you shouldn't have the Mando items in there
  23. actually, the armor in-game is REAL Mandalorian armor, just not the armor of the movie era isn't the TSL version one at Filefront?
  24. an easy way to do this would be to use the generic spawn script found in the "frequently used scripting functions" page, then set the location of the jedi with the "whereami" cheat. Then put in the coordinates
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