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  1. Anybody here managed to play a bit of The Vampyre Story yet? I wanna hear what you think of it. I ask because it's not available on my favourite warez site. it's available now but too big to download because of stupid bandwidth limits. it's not available in australia yet :| And there is no chance I am downloading it right now. None whatsoever.
  2. Yeah, I remember the art. ( I'm a old newb ) I think LucasWiki would have been pretty cool, after all, why have a wiki about one game when you can have a wiki about them all!
  3. http://bone.mixnmojo.com http://gfworld.grimfandango.net http://lucaswiki.com http://mediocre.mixnmojo.com just some old stuff i never seen before? http://myipneighbors.com
  4. I would join but don't have steam. And AFAIK you have to buy the games.. which I don't do too often. Nevertheless if I get any spare cash in Paypal I'll make an account, buy HL2 or whatever, and play with you guys.
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    I'm sure you guys hate new members, but I'm here and you'll just have to live with it. And technically I'm not new. Mojo is my homepage and I check out the news every day. I love the classic LEC games (MONKEY ISLAND FTW!!) and also Telltale's Sam & Max games, plus Revolution's games (you should cover them, yeah sure they aren't related to lucasarts but they have great games and they work in scummvm too) and I'm looking forward to A Vampyre Story (omg, did it come out or what? I thought it was coming out halloween..) So yeah, I'm pretty much involved in everything apart from socialising on the forums. Until now.
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