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  1. Any chance of finding the hell on wheels beta ? by asking the developers or something ? i know it cannot be found on the internet because i made a very hard search, but i couldn't find anything.
  2. This game reminds me of grim fandango for some reason.
  3. did i say i need to see backers updates? i need to see tim's updates ! (update #8)
  4. ...did i say i want to play the game now? i said i need to see new updates
  5. ok this is annoying ! when we will see a new update ?!
  6. yeah, to be honest i don't have anything to pay online with.
  7. What does Update #6 contain? it is only for backers !
  8. well ingame video i mean something about game, Whether 2playerprodcutions videos or other. what i was asking is : are they going to start developing game after remaining 24 days or not.
  9. An ingame video will be made after 24 days? or not necessary ? i am really excited and everyone to see what this game will be ! and does he want to sell the game? or he will make it free because it was backed by fans?
  10. quote: Finally, Persson said he wishes the Internet would "stop hyping over this." quote: however, Persson cautioned fans that the project is far from a reality, and his original offer was made "semi-jokingly." that what it says in the gamespot.
  11. notch has confirmed psychonauts 2 isn't real. he said he was joking. source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/psychonauts-2-pledge-made-semi-jokingly-minecraft-creator-6350572
  12. i have made An HD ben for fun :
  13. Grim, Tentacle, and DOTT!?? whats the difference? you mean GRim , FT, Dott. actually i prefer full throttle sequel. but i don't think it will ever happen
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