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  1. There's a bug in the PlayStation version of the game that allows you to transfer your weapons from one level to another, or even between characters (though they sometimes change dependant on the character).


    It's been a long time since I played the PlayStation version, so I'll tell you what I remember.


    You need to load a saved game, preferably one with lots of weapons/ammo. You then need to load another saved game and purposefully die in that save game. Instead of reloading, choose to restart the level and you will start with the weapons of the first save. As I said, there are exceptions: for instance, if you try to transfer Obi-Wan's weapons to Panaka, then Panaka will receive more ammo and an R-65 Heavy Blaser instead.

  2. So I recently bought SWBF2 PC DVD version. I uninstalled Steam and the SWBF2 I bought off Steam, installed a fresh copy of SWBF2 with the DVD. Go to install the Unofficial 1.3 patch, and when I am done, SWBF2 automatically runs. The DVD is not in the drive. I thought it was a side-effect of the installation so I tried starting BF2 after installing it. Same thing again - the game works without the DVD. The DVD is not pirated because I bought it from a supermarket's games section, the serial number I used works.


    So I am wondering, has my Steam version created a 'no-CD' version of BF2? If it hasn't, what the Diet Dr. Pepper is going on?


    I'm not trying to condone piracy, BTW. I am honestly baffled by this, and I would like to fix the issue.

  3. Jet troopers are EU. I find the limited fuel thing to be useful. Why? Would a real jetpack last forever? No, of course not. It makes more sense for it to run out. Of course, there are cases where flying units could have unlimited fuel - IE Geonosians.

  4. If you were playing as Republic or Empire, I would suggest a real sneaky route. Choose the Jet/Dark Trooper, fly above the Cantina, then towards the hangar. Fly/jump onto the hangar's outer roof and spot the CP on the barge for enemies. Either wait for them to go or toss a couple of thermal detonators to clear the deck, then jump/fly onto the deck, convert the CP and shoot any enemies who spawn. Then, clear out the ground level. As a bonus, take out the CIS vehicle if you're playing as Republic (Rebels don't get one) to make it easier for the infantry.

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