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  1. technically, they wouldnt be adding tanks, cuz u do get to use an AT-TE in RC, but just for one small part of one level for a short amount of time. and the rocket launchers already have a lock-on feature, in case u didnt know
  2. yes, unlockables would be a very worthwhile addition to the game, but maybe the majority shouldnt be weapons, cuz then they would have to keep makin weapons stronger until they got so strong, it just makes the game too easy, makin it too boring
  3. oh, ok. that makes much more sense. well, wut about working with other commando squads for a mission?
  4. so u guys r talkin about somethin like a galactic conquest mode or somethin like that, right?
  5. Hey Scorch-1162 whazz up =)

  6. my parents wont let me get xbox live, so i can only do story mode, which is still ok. i might buy RC for the computer so i can do some multiplayer
  7. i guess that multiplayer idea could work. but changing teams is the players fault, and its their choice, and they know the consequences
  8. i think for multiplayer that, like in a lot of games these days, there should be ranking servers, and the higher rank u r, the better weapon upgrades u get. i also think that there should be a radar thing added to ur HUD (Heads Up Display). i also think that u should be able to place stationary turrets, automatic or manned p.s. welcome speedfire p.s.s. speedfire, try to stay on RC, rather than talk about other star wars games
  9. i like that idea. its like the squad on the cartoon series. they had their own ship with an awesome design
  10. random comment about RC: b4 u enter the room where u kill sun facc on the first level, u can see sev humping the ground. i wus cracking up when i saw that!!!! i took a video right away. i cant find it though. i think i might have accidentally deleted it
  11. well ya, i can understand that. but they couldve made them a LITTLE more similar
  12. i bet i could tell the difference by personality. scorch is the funny one (and the coolest), fixer is the serious one, and sev is the............... wow, idk how to explain sev
  13. u know wut i never understood about RC? in the star wars movies, the clones all have very similar voices to jango fett. but in RC, delta 38 is the only one with a voice similar to jango's. that just never made sense to me
  14. not necessarily. wut about books that go to completely different characters? people arent really disappointed by that
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