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  1. Well, I don't have just one so...that aside, Trinity Blood, Trigun, and Hellsing would be my favorites, though there might be one or two more. For the most part, Soul Eater. Really have to watch more of that. I think I might take a took at Fairy Tail too. A list? Oh my... Cowboy Bebop(Pretty good) Big O(A little weird but still good. Pity there isn't more) Devil May Cry(Eh, might've not watched the last 2 or 3 episodes. Might watch all of it again at some point) FLCL(No, I don't get it either) FMA, and FMA: Brotherhood(...loved it.) Ghost In The Shell(I've seen both movies and most of the S.A.C. The movies I like, but S.A.C, not so much) Persona 4: The Animation Vampire Knight and VK: Guilty(A little..."pretty" in some respects, but still good, I think) A few movies as well...such as: Princess Mononoke Spirited Away Trigun: Badlands Rumble Probably a few more I can't think of at the moment. Bleach(Didn't really finish this, as...well, only got to part of the Hueco Mundo arc before I just found myself board with it) Moon Phase(Eh...can't say I exactly like this one, but I haven't seen the entire series yet) Queen's Blade(Only watched maybe four episodes at this point) The Wallflower(I don't know. Wasn't too interested in this one) I believe it was when I started watching Adult Swim, when it aired Trigun.
  2. I'd imagine that it's a similar situation to the Exile and Kreia, in that a bond was forged between the two, likely when he walked on the planet's surface(if that image on her wiki page is true). Although the reason he would've done so, is because he likely saw a flicker of life on a dead world, and was curious. Depends on if you mean in Nihilus' view, or her view after she travels with a DS Exile. Considering Nihilus, it would've been her simply believing to the end, as he did. Perhaps in some respects she already did(and in a way still does just after she joins the party), but to the point were she would see no more than a dead world, and believe things are as they should be. As for her views after traveling with a DS exile, she might not see things that differently, save for the fact that she would stand on the sight of tragedy, knowing that, at least as much as could be done, she has taken revenge on the one responsible - even if she didn't land the killing blow herself. Presumably because she is the only other that has come close to "seeing" in the same manner as Kreia and the Exile. But where the exile can be manipulated, as can some of the other party members, Visas, as it seems, might understand how to resist it. And thus, it comes down to her not liking the fact that it is someone that she cannot manipulate. Plus, unlike the Exile, who doesn't see the truth about Kreia until late in the game, Visas is likely aware on some level. After all, she is the one who confronts Kreia after the Enclave scene. Here is an interesting thought - the Character menu is how the Exile sees the party. For most, it likely provides the truth. But for Kreia? It lies. Or that is how the Exile is forced to see her.
  3. Bit of a spoiler included in the answer. As far as the vanilla game goes, no. If the quest concerning her isn't completed(You might find out her name and all that), she will always leave the ship before the Leviathan captures the Ebon hawk. As in, once you've gotten the data from four star maps, and return to the Ebon Hawk, a cutscene with Zaalbar will play, in which he mentions that the girl has left the ship.
  4. The easiest way to deal with Malak is to deal with the captured Jedi as soon as possible, meaning after he drains the first one, deal with the rest before you actually fight him. I usually play a darkside character, so It's either Drain Life or Death Field. With a Jedi character, I think there is a power that will work the same way. Force Breach/Suppression, I think it's called. At first, the only way I found somewhat easy was to use a double-bladed saber, with a Upari and Krayt Dragon pearl. Most likely in addition to the above.
  5. Must mean that I'm insane then. My only problem with Mannan would be the Sith Base Ending/Trial. Mostly since it's that crap about, "oh, we have what seems like a good reason to arrest you, and we aren't going to ask any questions, at least not until there is a good chance that you might pay dearly for not adhering to our ridiculous laws, even if you might have reasons that you are innocent.". Eh, might not be the best way to explain that. Other than that, I don't have any problems with it.
  6. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Didn't think much of the song when I first heard it in the movie's credits, but after watching it twice more(once after I bought the DVD, and again watching the commentary), I realized I liked the song. As for the movie itself, I thought I wasn't going to like it, although the trailer was a bit of a sway. Once I did see the movie, I liked it. I've read the book too, which I thought was good.
  7. It may be that cheating in this instance is the only option, at least to continue the game without a restart. If it isn't already, the first step is to activate the console. To do this, you'll have to edit the SWKOTOR.ini file. It's located in the game's main directory, i.e [drive-letter:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKOTOR\. Under Game Options, add this: EnableCheats=1 Then save it. You might want to open the file a second time, to make sure the change was saved. If the added line is still there, then it should work. When in the game, pressing the ` key should give you a cursor in the upper left corner of the screen. Now, there are several ways to overcome the problem. You can try raising your stats to the point where you can deal with the group a bit easier, or adding things like crystals to your inventory, and then to your lightsabers so they do more damage. This page lists some codes you can use that might help: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/info/cheatskotor1
  8. Hopefully you don't mind spoilers, but they might not be at this point. Calo is supposed to appear on the FIRST planet you travel to, after Dantooine - so long as you go far enough to meet him(although there are two planets you meet him earlier, and the other two later in the plot). Bandon is supposed to appear when you've found three Star maps(or completed two planets, i.e he'd appear on the third planet). This may be something of a bug, as the plot suggests that Calo has to be dead, for it to advance. Have you seen the cutscene where Saul mentions this?
  9. So during combat you cannot move, aside for targeting a distant enemy(that you must be close to in order to attack), but otherwise the movement is fine? I'm not sure if it is a system issue, but there is a setting that controls that. It's under "Gameplay", above the "Mouse Settings" button. If the setting is off, then during combat you cannot move. If on, then you can anytime.
  10. I'd say it's pretty much done, the only obstacle being that I'd want to test it to make sure the LS cutscene works. Only problem is, I don't have a save during that part of the game. Closest I have would be a save on Korriban. The others I have are on the Star Forge, and one on Taris(mostly for testing another mod of mine). I'll probably try to play through with the save I have, since i don't think there are any full game save archives for K1 like Chainz.2da did for TSL. Oh, and as for the Mod's name...Bastila - Dark Jedi Princess.
  11. That was easier to set up than I was thinking. Although, at this point I simply packaged the edited utc in the mod file. I don't see the option in ChangeEdit to add the file to the .MOD after the patcher installs it, although I'm probably missing something.
  12. Well, I have made the changes so the Patcher will add the files upon install, but there is still one problem, although it is more relating to how BioWare set up the ending section of the game, and how I've changed it. The mod gives Bastilla a darkside version of her normal clothing. The problem starts with just that alone. K1 doesn't have a column in the appearance.2da for darkside default clothing, while K2 does - probably because BioWare didn't intend on Party members going darkside, as most either already are, or never change. So, I had one other option to allow the use of this outfit, and even it has a problem. I made it so that she wears it when you see her atop the Rakatan Temple. Which means I had to edit at least seven files, since BioWare chose to make a template for Bastila, and which one the game uses, depends on the player's level(at least I think so, since she can be level 15 to 20 at that point in the game). Which does work. With a darkside playthrough, this causes no issues. However, play the game lightside, and mostly, there is none either. You can have her run off, and go back to the Ebon Hawk to go to the Star Forge - except, you cannot. Why? Well, perhaps another example of BioWare being somewhat lazy. In the list of utc files for the area(which I believe is ebo_m41aa), p_bastilla001 is there. Which is one of the same files they use to have her appear atop the Temple, and in the instance of the LS Ebon Hawk cut-scene, likely use a script to change the appearance data, so it points to the Admiral. So, having that file in the override means that the scene stays black, and does nothing. Of course, there is an option. That is to remove the p_Bastilla001 file, which means only that if a player is level 15 during that part of the game(which might be unlikely, unless one would save levels for a long time), Bastilla will be wearing the Dark Jedi Master robe that she normally does.
  13. Why play the game after ten years? Well, the urge to mod the game aside, it's a fun game. Like every other, it has problems, but some of those are appreciated. I do find it interesting that there are few 'old' games that invariably get a thread like this, even if the forum it's posted on should be enough to tell anyone why people still play the game. Still a worthwhile question, I think.
  14. I'll upload it to Deadly Stream, like the rest of my mods. A link to them is in my sig.
  15. Well, after taking some time to re-do some of the alpha channels for Bastila's textures, the only thing that is left would be to set up the patcher to change the entries for her DS transitions. Which is partially done, the code in the changes file looking like this: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) [settings] FileExists=1 [TLKList] [installList] [2DAList] Table0=heads.2da Table1=portraits.2da [GFFList] [CompileList] [sSFList] ; =================================================================== [appearance.2da] [heads.2da] ChangeRow0=Bastila [bastila] RowLabel=1 headtexvvve=P_BastilaH04d2 headtexvve=P_BastilaH04d2 headtexve=P_BastilaH04d1 headtexe=P_BastilaH04d1 [portraits.2da] ChangeRow0=Bastila_Portraits [bastila_Portraits] RowLabel=33 baseresrefe=PO_pbastilad baseresrefve=PO_pbastilad baseresrefvve=PO_pbastilad baseresrefvvve=PO_pbastilad Sans the top lines, of course. I believe all that is left is to make the patcher add the files to the override
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