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  1. Yeah,sure....My pleasure to have a techie like you...Actually speaking,the rendered output of the film will contain no audio data,it requires that we add audio seperately (after editing the video)...So all this means,I will need your help..and I think it would drastically reduce the time needed to make the movie...I will send you the cutscenes one by one as and when they are rendered and you could perhaps add some audio to it....We will work on this together,very soon,perhaps after my Grim Fandango Blog is done. And.. I would like to thank Each and Every member who posted here personally...that includes JagJedi, Caedeus Erkter, the late D. Hurley, Thaatiba and Jona. A big Thank you goes out to ALL my well-wishers. Good Day.
  2. Same here,except that returned in 2007 to finish it. I still remember that day....It was a brand new pentium 3 .All I had was a trial version of GF installed.I used to play it again and again then....Finally,a few months ago (2007) I got reminded of that game,after seeing it in my friend's rack of CD's....I borrowed it from him.....Played it again (full version).That feeling which I got after laying my hands on the game after almost 10 long years,was really very nice and I finally came to a conclusion that,no matter how many generations pass,you just wont find another classic like GF. Thats how I got inspired to initiate the GF movie making.
  3. Thank you for your Replies.The movie making is going good and I will very soon post a link to its blog where we can really stay in touch. good day
  4. Thanks jagjedi,I own a blu-ray laptop...So,definitely I think I'd be needing your hand[in the authoring process]..thanks..
  5. Seems like a nice idea,but,we're working on an animation movie,on the same subject:GRIM FANDANGO.If you'd like to join us,do so,here...remember,its purely NON-COMMERCIAL http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=194124
  6. Never mind guys,I have got my question answered,here(in the main Lucas Arts Forum): http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=136303 Ok,so,Lets start on with the movie! Now I want some volunteers to help us out,like if you're good at sketch or dubbing any characters' voices,I think you guys could give us a hand...Wish me good luck,guys..I'm starting off,now!
  7. A game with an amazing story line,mind-blowing characters and Beautifully structured Dialogues.And yeah,not to forget to mention the music too! Okay,now coming to the point.We(me and my friends) as a set of Animators,have decided to make a NON-COMMERCIAL movie based on the Game series,GRIM FANDANGO.We have only DECIDED,not yet started.If at all we start on this project,This movie will obviously be an animated version,and we are on the look-out for efficient texturing/lighting/modeling artists.The movie making process might take months/years,depending on the available resources.Even though we could re-use resources like sound,dialogues,etc,we might need the help of people who can really sound or imitate the characters' voices. and by NON-COMMERCIAL,we mean,we WILL NOT commercialize/make money using this movie.This is an independent project,undertaken by the fans of the age-old,yet inspiring game,GRIM FANDANGO.This is just a very rough idea,(we) are not sure about the extent of this implication. The only thing that I would like to ask is,will it be of any legal/copyright infringement,even if the movie is Non-Commercial? After all,Its entertainment just for our fans,right?
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