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  1. A Star Wars adventure game would have been really interesting, but I feel like we might have been stuck with just Star Wars adventure games instead of all the original IP's if they ever started down that road. Still, that second screenshot in particular makes me very curious about what might have been. That UI is crazy though! It's hard to imagine how it would have actually been played. Seems pretty different from what we're used to in the other games.
  2. If we're talking about clothing, the only Lucas-related thing I have is a brown version of this t-shirt: it's not official, but I'm pretty happy with it. I'm actually surprised how often complete strangers comment on it - or at least they did before the world closed down. Apart from this I have most of the goodie bags that came with the early Telltale dvd releases, the Sam & Max comic collection rerelease that Jake worked on, and that big Tales of Monkey Island beer mug. I also have the various graphic novels/artbooks that were sold on the Double Fine website, including the Costume Quest comic and card game that I won in a poetry contest, of all things. Sorry for being lazy and not posting my own pictures, but I think Jennifer and others have already posted pictures of most of this stuff in another thread (including some merch that I missed out on). Sadly, my mother gave away all my Lucasarts big boxes after I moved out for university. I still haven't forgiven her for that one. Oh yeah, only semi-related perhaps, but around the time of Puzzle Agent I ordered some Grickle comics from Graham Annable's website, and as a very cool surprise he drew some fun little doodles on the packaging and inside covers of the books. I'll definitely add a picture of this later, because it's very cool and this forum might just contain the audience to appreciate how cool it actually is.
  3. Yeah, I always read it as not much more than a parody of the Darth Vader "No, I am your father"-scene, with the weirdness turned up to 11. If, in an alternate timeline, Ron would have stayed at Lucas and started designing Monkey 3 right after finishing 2, I'm sure the vast majority of the game would still take place in pirate land, with that being the real reality of that world. After all, we have Elaine almost winking at the camera and talking about it being a spell from LeChuck during the credits. I know not everyone is a fan of the way they did it, but I always liked how Curse handled it, with the characters themselves mostly being confused about what actually happened, and the writers shrugging their shoulders about the whole thing through LeChucks optional explanations at the end. All the modern references like the Coke machines in these games feel more like 90s Simpsons-esque jokes rather than hints about some Lost-like mystery, and Ron hinting that there might have been more to it in later years never felt completely genuine to me - I just don't think they were thinking that far ahead and just needed a funny ending. I should probably note that I really do like both Ron and the Monkey 2 ending though!
  4. According to Twitter Mike Stemmle is writing for this, and the voice actors are indeed Nowlin and Boat (it completely slipped my mind that Dave Boat did Max in Poker Night 2). I won't be able to play this either, but it's fun that Sam & Max are still doing their thing. There's a bit in the longer trailer where the player throws Max at a dart board, which I liked.
  5. I think you mean Frankenstein's monster. Who wasn't a monster, I agree. Wait
  6. I love how I just discovered that the forums are back, and how there's already this hardcore deep dive discussion on the Spiffy mystery going on. Good job guys, please keep going. I love all of you.
  7. Guys, guys, it's: 1. Revenge 2. Secret 3. Tales 4. That bit where you meet Herman Toothrot in The Cave 5. Curse 6. Raz saying 'it opens up into a system of catacombs' when looking at a tree stump in Psychonauts 7. Sid Meier's Pirates 8. Escape. I replayed the series not too long ago, and Escape has actually gone up a bit for me (still not enough to beat any of the others though). There are definitely weak parts (Elaine, the odd Herman stuff, a lot of the comedy/story stuff falling flat), but there are some good puzzles, some genuinely funny bits, and it does feel like a giant adventure in a large world I enjoy being a part of. Of course, due to the technology involved and some iffy art style choices, it's easily the ugliest Monkey Island game. And while I still love Curse and think it's super charming, I did feel the pacing and a lot of the comedy wasn't as good as I remember. It honestly bored me a bit at times - something the first two games never do, even though I know every single pixel of those games by heart. There's a lot of memorable fun stuff, but it's not the timeless classic some of the other Lucas games are for me. I do have a lot of fond memories playing through that game with my brothers/classmates though, so I'll never actually dislike it.
  8. This is a dream come true. I can finally stop posting essay-length replies to random news posts (sorry about that btw). Now we just need some new games to talk about! Jake, when is Bone 3 coming out? 🎃 Edit: Man, after all these years I'm still just a rookie.
  9. Yeah, reading that worried me a little. I love how much research you put into this ATM, but I hope you're okay. If you're not just joking around (which would be fine), please remember that there are more important things in life than this stuff.
  10. I haven't been here since forever, for similar reasons as ATM, but this brought me back here. Mojo tweeted this: @mixnmojo Mark your calendars... I hear #Disney will release a new #LucasArts adventure game on Nov. 30. #adventuregames (Really!) And then: Mixnmojo ‏@mixnmojo 20h20 hours ago (That is ATM’s personal guarantee, people!) And ATM responded: @mixnmojo The #LucasArts adventure game in question from yesterday's tweet? From what I hear... it's #TheDig, by #ProfBMoriarty. So, this is what we have. We all know ATM has some powerful friends. The timing of this is suspicious - ATM got these files just before he came out with that information. It's weird how The Dig would be counted as a new release, as it's already on Steam and, I think, GOG. He specifically mentions Moriarty both in his Tweet and in this thread, so could it really be an alternate version of The Dig? That would be insane - even more insane than an HD remake, as I expect they'd go for some of the others before they'd get to The Dig. Would be pretty amazing though, and ATM would come out of hiding just to hurt us like that. ATM, come in here and explain yourself. ATM was Moriarty all along!
  11. Okay guys, I haven't posted in these forums in years but this is important. I'm going to have to work in Africa for a couple of weeks, and all I'm taking with me for entertainment is an e-reader and a very old laptop. I've been filling it with old time wasting games, and because I've been on a bit of an Indiana Jones kick recently I figured I'd put all the old Indy games on there. My heartbreaking problem: I can't get Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures to run. The laptop is running Windows 7. From experience I know I won't be able to access the internet much there, if at all, so I'm hoping to fix it before I leave. Don't make me go to Africa without my desktop adventures. I'm counting on your magic, Mojo.
  12. Oops, I'm an idiot. Biggest bummer of the year: not being able to read properly.
  13. It's not an option, but my vote would go to the fact that Telltale isn't talking to Lucas anymore to make more Monkey. Telltale wants to, Lucas doesn't. In some article they said that they don't expect to make another Monkey within the next five years . Oh, and the fact that the entire internet hates Telltale all of a sudden. They did some things wrong, and some of their games might be a bit rushed, and everything isn't perfect right now, but damn it, I still always have a great time with those games. There's a love for storytelling in those things that you just can't find in most other games.
  14. This episode was pretty fun, but mainly because this show manages to impress me every week by how far it has come compared to the early days (note: early days for me means Eccleston, not Hartnell). It looks just great, even with its modest budget, and I love how the companions are actually part of the plot now. I liked the Cyberman (although I wish they had a bigger role, I'm still waiting on a big epic Cyberman or Dalek-episode that's actually fun to watch) and the Sontaran, but the headless monks stole the show for me, even though they didn't really have a lot to do. Very cool concept (monks with their heads removed so all they can do is blindly follow their heart, the church being terrified of the Doctor, the 'man who reasons'. There were lots of other awesome quotes that I can't recall right now). This was one of those episodes that was filled with cool concepts, but as a whole I think the episode wasn't that great. A lot of time was spend on the mystery of River's identity, but they kept dropping these big flashing hints all over the place, which made the episode more annoying than it should be for me. The shot of Melody's nametag at the beginning of the episode could have been a red herring, but as soon as River started talking about her birthday all doubt was blasted from my mind. That's not even mentioning the fact that everyone made the connection between River and Amy's name ages ago. Fun little mystery for the kids to solve I suppose, which is probably more important. I'll have to watch the episode again some day, but apart from the River revelation business which they just had to get out of the way I liked it. Can't wait for it to return. Series 6 is pretty strong so far, with Neil Gaiman's episode being the best Doctor Who episode I've ever seen (I've seen all of New Who and one episode of every classic doctor. I'm currently working my way through the first doctor's run with a friend, but it's going to take us a couple of months. We're taking it extremely slow - I doubt we'll ever finish it). The pirate episode was the only episode I didn't like.
  15. GOG's site and selection of games (and their price!) is amazing, but dear god, their marketing sucks. I actually saw part of that webcast (a friend was watching, I forgot about the possibility that it could be Lucasarts myself), and I'm glad I finally got a look at the idiot that's in charge of marketing. Does anyone remember them announcing they were out of business, leaving everyone who bought something from them wondering if they lost their games forever, only to announce it was all a joke some time later? They say they pull these 'zany' stunts because the gaming industry takes itself too seriously, and they might be right about that, but this is just moronic. I'm not even saying that because I'm angry it isn't Lucasarts (although that would have been nice). Like I said, I forgot about that possibility. Seeing the conclusion of this drawn-out weirdness just brought back the memories of all their previous tricks. Blegh.
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