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    Who needs a biography, heh? :P // Seeing some old posts of mine (and the English in them) makes me wince...
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    Above Lehon
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    Badminton, Modding
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  1. Just noticed that you're still around and giving people now-unavailable mods.


    Great work! :)

  2. Kyle Katarn obviously needs all stats at 99.
  3. I understand the re-uploading concerns, but if it all were done at one central place by reliable people that would credit the original authors properly, that should be a much better alternative to simply having all the mods - those that are *not* also on DS or Nexus or another site - gone forever.
  4. I'd be curious about what you'd come up with for Ben Kenobi.
  5. It's highly regrettable indeed, and therefore even more important to keep some of the "good old" forums for those people that don't follow that unfortunate trend.
  6. I can't say this came as a suprise... but I still hoped it would never happen. It was a site from a different time... RIP
  7. I like scout/consular characters, usually stopping scout progression at level 4 or 7. The feats I personally prefer to get are implant lv 3, master dueling, master critical, improved toughness, and improved flurry (because 1 more level of dueling is better than the step from imp to master flurry, and the purple looks better anyway ). Force powers usually master valor, master speed, heal, force storm, force wave (or only whirlwind if wanting a safe stun on Malak ), if leveled up to consular early enough, force kill and force breach can be fun. For the attributes, I go for low STR and CON and prefer DEX, INT (RP purposes and helps with HK), WIS and CHA high. For example starting with 10/14/10/14/15/14, stacking 4 of the 5 attribute points one gets into WIS and one into CHA, with full LS mastery and all WIS items + master valor, you get massive dc and have an easy time force-killing even Malak. (5 (base) + 20 (level) + 12 (wis dc) + 6 (cha dc) + 4 (master focus) = 47, quite a force god. ) I usually tend to go somewhere between RPing at the start and number crunching at the end.
  8. That's pretty spot on. I only recently got Mass Effect, and I can play a 70% Renegade 30% Paragon character and feel pretty well, many choices even seem like ones I'd take as a person. But when playing KotOR, I have a really hard time doing dark side, it just feels wrong and pointless. Only did it so far in order to see the different story, but afterwards never again.
  9. My name has a similar background as Lynk Former's, back in primary school we used to "play Star Wars", too... and we also had our own characters. One droid of mine was R2-X5, so when I signed up at LF years later, I went for that name. It was already taken, though, so I picked R2-X2 instead. Kind of an awful name in retrospective, because it is so close do the obvious R2-D2, but still better than directly taking the name of an existing character, i.e. "Darth Vader" or "Lord Revan".
  10. It's a very sad thing. I'm a moderator on a forum (AoK Heavengames) facing a similar fate (even though it started far earlier there), whose software seems to be from the last millenium. The game is from 1999, and even though there's a sturdy fan base, I wouldn't count the regularly active members to be over 35 in either of the 2 main subforums we have... whose communities not really overlap. And thanks to the owners and IT guys not really caring anymore, we site mods can't do much to bring the site to the current century. Well, that and the game being long past it's glory. It's frustrating at times.
  11. What's wrong with just placing it on Tatooine?
  12. Animes are known for having 26 episodes? I didn't know.
  13. That one was pretty impressive indeed. But I'm really wondering about that enemy...
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